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FUZE case reintroduces iPhone 7 headphone jack!

FUZE case reintroduces iPhone 7 headphone jack!

A new IndieGoGo campaign introduces Fuze, a new iPhone 7 case which resolves its head jack problem containing a built in Lightening connector

Bengaluru – Oct 07, 2016. RedNewswire/-

With the new iPhone 7 released today in India, Fuze is certainly the best iPhone case you can pre-order. A Texas based startup firm called Actual Innovation has funded Fuze to come up with an iPhone case which contains a headphone jack which solves the only problem the new iPhone 7 seems to have.

The case, available for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, not just contains  a head jack but also recharges your phone. Fuze charges with the help of a lightening cable and packs in a 2400 maH or 3600 maH battery. Besides, the phone case which doubles up as a battery case is surprisingly very thin. While it weighs only 2.9 ounces, it would still cause the 4.87 ounces iPhone 7 weigh a little heavier.

Actual Innovation, initially offered the phone at a “super early bird” price of $49 but the standard price may land at at a good $69. The company claims to start shipping in the month of December but usually crowdfunded companies do take quite a lot of time. Fuze’s crowdfunded site claims that Fuze is built from an existing case manufactured  by a Made for iPhone (MFi) certified manufacturer.

Fuze isn’t really creative but is definitely challenging popular case makers like Mophie to come up with new solutions which solve the outcry against loss of head jack in the new iPhone 7.

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