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FRESHDESK takes over AIRWOOT in its fifth acquisition


Freshdesk has finally acquired Airwoot, and this has been Freshdesk’s fifth procurement in the past twelve months. Freshdesk, the cloud based customer support software that aim to help customers via different traditional and social platforms has made this acquisition in order to improve its relationship with the customers.

Mathrubootham, CEO of Freshdesk says that the attempt of several other platforms to help the customers with their doubts and queries have been found to be a tough job, due to excess traffic and noise over the medium. He says that the latest acquisition of Airwoot will certainly improve the user interface and reduce the difficulties, thanks to the AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that has been adopted by Airwoot.

This technology has adopted machine learning facility, which involves the process of identifying the various conversations and queries over the different media and prioritizes them according to its needs, by noting the different questions, grievances and acts that need immediate attention.

Saurabh Arora, CEO of Airwoot says that their company and its acquisition by Freshdesk will help the later to improve and increase its customer base from 70,000. He says that the technology that they use will improve every other companies attempt to help and support the customers, using the social platforms as the medium.