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freshback™, the Ultimate Laundry Hack for Odour-Free Clothes, Participates in OpenIDEO Circular Design Challenge


Perfect for traveling, sports and everyday use to stay odour-free for days, freshback participates in OpenIDEO Challenge to tackle one of world’s toughest problems, water use and plastic waste

freshback, the ultimate laundry hack that eliminates body odours all day every day, will participate in the OpenIDEO Circular Design Challenge after reaching the first milestone in its initial funding goal on Indiegogo.

freshback™, is a scientific breakthrough offering the only long-lasting solution for keeping clothes fresh, bacteria and odour free. With just one treatment, freshback™, can keep any new or used items of clothing odour free all day every day.

OpenIDEO partners with worldwide companies to drive collaboration, innovation and impact around the world’s toughest problems, through launching challenges, programs and other tailored experiences.

The Circular Design Challenge, led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and hosted by OpenIDEO, is calling upon a global community to submit ideas, innovations, and new technologies with the potential to transform the plastics economy. Winning ideas will be awarded a share of a $1 million prize.

freshback joins the Circular Design Challenge by doing their part to help reduce the use of water by limiting the need to wash un-soiled items and also reduce plastic waste in laundry packaging.

“The longing to find smart solutions is a source of inspiration for us as individuals, families, and communities. We call our technological approach to one of life’s most mundane tasks Smart-Laundry,” said Gilad Gozlan, CEO of Maaterra Group, the biotechnology company that developed the product. “As a startup, not only are we interested in sustainability, but also we are committed to its development. And no matter how far we go, we honor Mother Earth and our place within.”

freshback™ Laundry Treatment is designed to fundamentally change the way we do laundry around the globe. By allowing people to wash their clothing and linens far less than normal while maintaining the freshness and hygiene of normal laundry cycles, freshback™ disrupts the use of detergents and laundry additives, many of which are packaged with plastic caps, spoons/scoops, lids, bottles, and liners. These small- and medium-format plastic goods are a detriment to the environment not only as end-stage waste, but also in their manufacture and shipping.

freshback™ uses patented technology to bond all-natural and food grade freshening agents to clothing that create an imperceptible, permanent barrier against odours caused by bacteria and mildew. This includes body odour and sour smelling towels. Through this technology, clothing can be worn in even the sweatiest of conditions while remaining fresh, removing the need to launder un-soiled items for days or even weeks. Similarly, linens that might otherwise build up strong mildew odors over the course of only a few days can now stay fresh for weeks.

By cutting the need to wash un-soiled items, the amount of detergent and laundry additive packaging can be reduced 3-7 times in a household with freshback™-treated items. Furthermore, the reduction seen in small-format plastics is mirrored in the savings of water, effluent pollution, and electricity/gas that are also used when laundry is done.

freshback is made from natural and non-toxic ingredients, is gentle on all cloth types as well as linens, leaves no scent, and contains no bleach. It changes none of the technical abilities of fabric, including breathability, waterproofing, compression, or wicking. All products are laboratory-designed, real-world tested and 100-percent guaranteed.
For more information, visit the freshback on Indiegogo.

About freshback/Maaterra Biotechnology
Maaterra™ Biotechnology Ltd. is a startup company that owns the intellectual property for the first and only molecular bonding process that can bond myriad molecules to all kind of fabrics. Maaterra’s first series of products is labelled as freshback™. The company’s goal is to expand into the global market and promote its new revolutionary products.
Visit for more information.

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