Breaking News, a mock website by Doesn’t Ring a Bell !

img, a mock website by Doesn’t Ring a Bell !

Bengaluru | Feb 20, 12:02 PM IST., yes you heard it right. It’s a mock website owned by Rajaram Sethuraman , who hails from Magarpatta city in Pune as per the reports from Domain Registrar BigRock. launched world’s first ever cheapest smartphone on Feb 18, 2016. The company had scheduled to open bookings for buying the smartphone at 6:00 am on 18th Feb. However, users had a really bad experience with the website. The website was not accessible to consumers for booking their cheapest smartphone with best features, a complete value to the price of Rs.251 & even more to that.

A guy called Rajaram Sethuraman, in whose name the website Freedom651 appears as per the domain registrar records, has designed an exact replica of the real website owned by the smartphone manufacturing company “Ringing Bells”. But, belongs to “Doesn’t Ring a Bell” ! LOL ! also mentions a note on the site as…

Freedom651 snapshot

Experience the new Freedom

Price: Rs. 651/-


All the deliveries will be made by 30th June, 2026

through drones.

The website has brought in an unexpected fun in the social media!

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