The second phase of the odd-even scheme, which was originally introduced in the month of January in the national capital as an attempt to check and reduce the high levels of pollution, is to commence today and this has not only increased the awareness level of citizens on the importance and need for public transport, but has also made public transport and apps that govern such facilities to offer and provide new facilities, to manage the increased demand from customers.

Ride sharing apps like 360Ride and Rapido have offered to provide free rides for the customers and have also decided to increase the functionality. Rapido, the bike taxi operator, has offered to provide free rides for customers who would take two-way rides from metro stations like HauzKhaz and Malviya Nagar. 360Ride, the Bengaluru based ride sharing startup for personal vehicle users, has offered motivate customers using its services, thus letting passengers who share their rides earn up to Rs.1,200 for four wheelers and Rs.600 for two wheelers.


Lokesh Bevara, CEO and Co-founder of 360Ride says that the two schemes of Odd-Even and Ride and Earn have spread the need to reduce pollution and also reduce the congestion and traffic that is caused by the vehicles and simultaneously, proving the need and importance of public transport in the Delhi roads.

Amit Singh, Co-Founder of the bus aggregating app Shuttl says that this second phase will anticipate up to  50% increase in the number of users that resort to bus for transportation and has arranged up to 100 new buses, in order to reach its mark over 500 vehicles. He also acknowledges the fact that the previous phase had highlighted the presence and importance of buses in a large manner.

Taxi aggregator app Ola says that even after the previous phase had ended, customers preferred to make use of facilities that gave sharing options, especially during the peak hours and in important and congested places like shopping malls and other such areas.