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Food discovery platform makes your hunting easier


An interview with Neeraj Sathyanarayana……. .

Weekends are always fun with friends, but waiting for it is a big pain. It was a Saturday night while I was out with few friends seated in a restaurant bar, which was packed, getting a table was way above my expectation, I just wanted to order food and drink, I was not able to find a waiter and had to go to the bar and place order, it literally took more than 30 minutes for me to get my order.  I was initially frustrated with the place, thought they have poor management and wasted 30 minutes, which I could have spent with my friends. While picking up my order, I heard a couple of waiters talking to each other, how difficult it is to manage and serve the crowd during weekends and because of which both customers and businesses were unhappy.

I clearly saw a problem, existed at both the sides with no solution. Connecting customers and businesses to solve the problem was crucial. I was more interested to build something which can solve this problem, after a market research, we soon realized that the existing discovery platforms available were way complex, I thought how could we have a complete end to end experience, made simple and seamless for users. It could be done by building a discovery and connectivity platform. This led to the start of

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We have two products; GetSeated and . GetSeated is a customer facing simplified discovery platform where people can discover places like restaurants, cafes, bars, desserts and fast food, view menu, review, events, offers around the city. is a business facing CRM, POS application which is used by businesses to manage guests, take orders, accept payments, etc.

Our SMR (Service on mobile request) technology helps to connect customers and businesses so that customer can find places. On app you can view menu, place order, track order, make payment and also request valet or cab back home, all in a single app. Waiting and queuing seems pointless after you experience the ease of ordering directly from your phone and seeing what you are about to eat or drink. It’s like being on Google and seeing the pictures of what the restaurants or bars offer, but to buy it on the spot through a one click-transaction without waiting is what we can do.

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With first day of launch GetSeated had close to 5000 visitors and counting. The apps on Android and iOS platforms are soon to be launched, with plans to launch in Boston as our first city in the US Market.

About us:

GetSeated is headquartered in Bengaluru. We are a team of 8 members, 2 of them based in Boston and 6 in Bengaluru. Alfred and Arcadius other co-founders are based in Boston, seeing great potential in the product, waiting to launch the product in the US Market soon.

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