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Flock, an enterprise communication and collaboration app

Flock, an enterprise communication and collaboration app

With businesses going online, one of the key requisites has been taking employee communication to the online platform. Among Slack, Hangouts, Skype and arguably WhatsApp and other for collaboration and communication stands Flock (web, Android, iOS), a product from Directi. It serves as an enterprise communication and collaboration app.

Since its launch back in Janury 2014, the company has seen more than 200,000 app downloads (mobile and web) and is signing up about 27 new companies every week. More than 25,000 companies across the world have chosen Flock including Gini and Jony, Ricoh USA, Yepme and more. Interestingly, Flock that was built as in internal tool by Directi, but soon realised the potential and made it available to others too.

“Flock is handy for real-time conversations with its slick and easy to use interface. It takes all your most used apps and services at work, and allows you to integrate them into a single platform to make you more efficient with your organizational tasks. Flock is free and easy to set up. Regardless of the number of users, and the scale of set-up, there are absolutely no costs involved”, Bhavin Turakhia, founder of Directi tells us.

Flock was built ground up to address the communication needs of an organisation. After all, we know how slow and inefficient traditional methods like email are in the fast paced world we live in. “Many situations require quicker interaction and faster turnaround times. Flock solves this problem by providing an easy, feature ­rich product for teams and workplaces to seamlessly chat in a one ­to ­one or a group setting, thereby eliminating delays in responses. Enterprise chat applications that attempt to solve this problem such as Lync, are cumbersome to setup and manage, require IT admin support and set-up costs, and are expensive to use,” he adds.

While features like easy accessibility and user friendly interface are of prime importance, it is security that usually tops the charts. Flock claims to have employed best practices for data encryption of  messages. Some of its security-related features include industry standard TLS 1.2 traffic encryption, Amazon’s secure AWS data centers, and has strict control over employee access to data. Moreover, it tracks unauthorised access too.

“For those customers who wish to host the service on their own servers, we have an enterprise plan, that allows them to exercise further control on the data,” Turakhia adds.

Once you sign in using your work email ID, all your office colleagues are auto synced into your contact list. This means you don’t have to mix work and personal messages. This puts real time notifications and all important information in one place, sans the need to keep switching between multiple apps. It follows a freemium model, but also offers premium plan that works on a per user per month basis, and one can pay only for those users/employees for whom the premium features are required.

Flock is currently focusing on international markets, and apart from companies, the Flock team is also trying to reach out to Developer Communities and PR Forums.

Source: (This article has been published unedited from Firstpost)