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Here are five one-stop solutions for in-transit citizens


AroundMe is one of the best Android apps which lets you quickly find out the nearby places and things at a location that’s new to you

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Shifting to a new city has never been easy as it opens up a Pandora box of things to be managed at various levels. It doesn’t stop at mere transportation and shifting of houses but spans through buying furniture, getting connections such as DTH, familiaridsation of area for locally available home help services, basic amenities to make life easy.

To monetize on these unorganised requirements of the customers, the online renting players have now included these as their value added services. While it increasingly adds to the customer’s convenience factor, it helps the portals to scale up while building a satisfied user base.


Looking for rented house in a new city becomes another toughest job where No Broker, which is Home rental platform with zero brokerage by connecting genuine house owners and genuine tenants directly without a broker.

Renting out a flat, apartment, house, home and flat-mate without a broker was never so easy. Owners of flats and tenants looking for flats can talk directly thus saving on brokerage.


When you have just moved into a new house, chances are that there’ll be something that needs to get fixed, cleaned or changed to suit your requirements. You might also require many other personal services and don’t know the right vendors in the locality.

UrbanClap, a trusted services app connects you with handymen for housekeeping, cleaning and car washing, beauty experts for personal services and the usual essential service providers like an electrician, plumber and carpenter.


AroundMe is one of the best Android apps which lets you quickly find out the nearby places and things at a location that’s new to you. It quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre and Taxi.

Genext Students

For children, getting adjusted to a new city is a challenge and parents often struggle to find a suitable home tutors to keep up the studies. Through this platform, parents can just simply find suitable tutors based on their children’s requirement and emotional and intelligent quotient. The tutors are trained to understand the strength and weak areas in a child and address them effortlessly.


Opt for pre-owned cars: No matter where you live, getting around town is always an expense to be factored in Decide if it will be more cost effective having a vehicle or using public transportation in that city. Look into the monthly cost and convenience of parking a vehicle.

Truebil, India’s leading omni-channel platform for buying and selling of pre-owned cars makes your life easier. It makes the process of buying and selling pre-owned automobiles completely hassle-free. It is also offers end-to-end services on the entire buying/exchange process through easy loan and paper transfer.

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