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Famous stones to transform into a locket


A locket is a very old concept. Women have been wearing it for ages. The locket is also worn on a necklace like a pendant, however, with a slightly different notion. Lockets have spaces inside it to store a photograph of the loved one or any other memento.  

The valuable things that are stored remind you of the past and have a lot of sentimental value. Earlier it has been seen that people kept a lock of hair in the ornamental cases as a symbol of remembrance. A lot of women use it till today and it’s a great idea to keep small valuable things close to your heart. The lockets for girlsare usually rounded, oval or heart-shaped. Let’s check out what are stones that can be used to make a locket. 

  • Diamonds – people who love diamonds can get a locket made of it. We all know that diamond never loses on style and grace. Its beauty remains intact for generations. Hence, it can also be a perfect option for gifting your loved ones. Diamonds are rare and that makes it a unique stone and is yearned by many. If you have the extravagant budget, it’ll be good to get a diamond locket made which can be cherished by many generations to come. 
  • Rubies – Ruby is one of the traditional jewelry stones. It is found to be very durable and is red. Due to its durability, it may be a wise idea to get a locket made of ruby. Even if it falls or collides with any hard surface, it’s unlike to break. The red-colored locket would also add splendor to your neckpiece. Ruby is known to be a stone of divine creativity; hence it boosts up your energy level and enhances spiritual insight. It is also a symbol of good fortune, love, and loyalty. If you are wearing a locket made of ruby, you are bound to get influenced with all the positivity of the stone. 
  • Sapphires – Sapphire is one of the precious gemstones. It is a type of mineral corundum, an aluminum oxide. It is considered to the same as rubies except that the color is not red. It is found in different colors, like amber and orange, but blue sapphire is famous among the lot. It would be a great idea to get a locket made of sapphire because it’s a very hard stone. It is so hard, that it is sometimes used as a polishing tool. It would be able to hold your valuable things safely without the fear of wear and tear. 
  • Emerald – The green-colored gemstone with a high degree of transparency is the emerald. It is also called the green crystal. Though they are not very hard, they are not easily scratched. And the green-hued stone looks very appealing on a necklace. Emeralds are a good choice for a locket because of its color and fine finish.  

The above-mentioned stones are of different colors like white, red, blue and green. It solely depends on you which color you would want. All the stones are equally good to be transformed into a locket. You may opt for a gold locket designas well.