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Facebook LifeStage finally hits Android


Facebook’s teen-only app, LifeStage has finally been ported to Android.

27th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

Earlier this year, we saw Facebook launch a brand new app called LifeStage for iOS users. The app was specifically targeted towards teenagers and allowed them a new and engaging way to interact with the company’s social network. In more ways than one LifeStage resembles Snapchat as, similar to the latter, it also deals with services than emphasize on video clips, filters and emoji.

The company hadn’t launched the service for Android users back then, but fortunately, teens with Androids will be able to download the app starting today and take part in engaging activities with their friends and peers.

Once downloaded, the app will hit you with a series of questions which you have to answer with short videos. These will include your favourite song, your best friend, and the like. All these will have to be updated regularly or a poop emoji will make its home next to your profile.

Here’s a full list of the stuff, according to its developers, you can do once you’ve got the app up and running:

  • It’s not just about the happy moments – build a video profile of the things you like, but also things you don’t like.
  • Post what you are into right now – and replace the video in that field whenever you want.
  • Share to dozens of fields in sections of your profile.
  • Change out and replace your videos in fields at any moment, as often as you like.
  • Discover video profiles created by others in your school to learn more about them.
  • Find contacts for all your favorite people and let others know how to get in touch with you.

The app has done fairly well until now. It will be interesting to see how its user base grows with Android support pulled in. If you are a teen and want to start your LifeStage life up right now, just get the app right here.

Image credit: TechCrunch