Facebook launches ‘Workplace’ for businesses


Facebook has officially launched a new enterprise version called ‘Workplace’. The network is designed for NPOs, educational institutions and companies. 

New Delhi- Oct 12, 2016. Rednewswire/-

Facebook has officially launched a new social network for businesses called ‘Workplace‘. It is available for non-profit organizations, educational institutions and companies. Facebook claimed that over 1000 organisations all over the world are already using Workplace. The top five countries using this network are India, US, Norway, UK and France.

With today’s official public launch, Facebook hopes that use of the company’s other features like Messenger, Groups and Facebook Live will become essential. Workplace is basically a new enterprise version of Facebook which will be separate from their Facebook accounts. This new network allows people to post their work, discuss projects with colleagues, follow a colleague’s updates or watch live videos by company’s executive. Moreover, the accounts is completely ad-free. Workplace appears very different from Facebook display with a grey color scheme.

Facebook nonetheless already has enough competitors in this area like Slack, Microsoft Yammer and Jive. But Facebook being highly popular and widely used by people all over the world is sure to propel people to try its business space version too. Around 60 million companies around the globe maintain a Facebook page. Unlike other competitor networks, Workplace is comparatively easy to access just like Facebook’s main application.

Workplace is free for non-profit organizations and educational institutions while other companies will have to pay a monthly sum depending upon the number of active users. New companies will be given a three month trial for signing up after which similar charges apply. The network facilitates unlimited video, file and photo storage along with unlimited groups. Hence, the service will be revenue generating  for Facebook who mainly generates sales through ads.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook says, “Workplace will help more companies create the kind of open culture that encourages people to connect and share”.

Workplace intends to support international companies and non-profits. Renowned companies like Starbucks, Danone, YES bank, Oxfam and Booking.com also use the tool.

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