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FAASOS’s feast for regular customers

FAASOS’s feast for regular customers

FAASOS’s feast for regular customers.

Faaso’s, one of the oldest food tech start-ups in India, has decided to give a feast to its regular customers with its new scheme “Faaso’s Elite”.

Bengaluru | Feb 26, 07:02 PM IST.

The aim of this scheme is to treat the regular customers with a number of offers and deals, as a token to their response and their unruffled relationship with the company. This scheme is aimed mostly at customers who make a minimum of six orders a month, with the bill ranging from and above Rs.200.

Cofounder of Faasos , Jaydeep Barman says that the account for this scheme will be taken by including a variety of measures, such as the type of order, size of order, number of items, final bill amount, etc. and the programme currently comprises of nearly 50,000 members.

The scheme offers different deals such as free dessert with their order; facility to pay 15 days later; coupons and vouchers from e-commerce companies like Grofers and Urban Clap. The company is in talks with other companies to extend their deals and offers.

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The company which was launched in 2011 is currently active in nearly 15 cities via 180 kitchens. Though the broad aim of the company is to spread to more cities, its vision is to spread deep in the cities that it exists at present.

Barman says that the newest idea of the company is to introduce the idea of a personal butler in the month of March, who will focus on managing and governing the members of the Faasos Elite scheme in a special manner, by helping them to arrange parties at home or at work. He also says that the main aim of the company is to maintain and remain loyal to the customers who immediately resort and respond to their company, unlike other companies that aim at increasing the number of customers.