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Ever thought why the default drive is always C on your PC?


July 13th,2016/RedNewswire:

You presumably would have known the response to this on the off chance that you were a PC engineer or from an IT foundation. For those dominant part who don’t know why the default drive is dependably the letter C and not A or B, continue understanding this post.

If you still don’t know what we are talking about you can immediately check your storage drives on your desktop or laptop.The first one will obviously be ‘C’ and followed by others.

At first, the PC didn’t accompany a ton of storage room. The normal PCs at this moment have a space of 500 gigabytes or 1 terabyte, however prior on it was scarcely a couple of kilobytes.

floppy diskTo grow the capacity, or store more documents, floppy disks were used. External hard drive is the advanced version of floppy disks.

One could include both the floppies as a drive in the PC. Henceforth, the drives were named “A” and “B.”

The computers  started coming with a built- in hard drive so that more files could be stored. But the letters of the hard drives within the computer remained same. That is why drive the default drive is always ‘C’.

Despite the fact that, on the off-chance that one were so quick to arrange the hard drives on the PC, it is conceivable. You ought to have managerial rights and a decent learning of the workings of your PC keeping in mind the end goal to set the right letters to your hard drives.