Engineering student invents apparatus that produces water from air


An engineering student from Hyderabad has designed a self filling water apparatus that can produce water from thin humid air and convert it into fresh potable water.

New Delhi-Oct 13, 2016. Rednewswire/-

Jawwad Patel, an engineering student from Hyderabad has designed an apparatus that is capable of producing water from thin air. It all started when he visited Lattur, a village in Maharashtra that was drought struck this summer. The situation was very vulnerable and had forced numerous villagers to escape. He met a women who used to walk 12 km each day to fetch water for her family. Her story literally left him teary-eyed.

He was determined to do something which could improve this situation. He wished people could produce water on their own. So he started off with this new project which he named ‘Project Dewdrop‘. He wanted to create such a product which could help produce water from thin air and bring smile to millions of faces across the globe.

Patel says, “I have developed a 3D-printed intuitive self-filing water apparatus that can produce potable water from air moisture. This apparatus can extract high-quality water even from polluted air”.

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Self-filling water apparatus
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The device contains a smart condenser that is connected to sensors and an on-board computer. It comprises of a fan that absorbs thin humid air and transfers it to the condenser. The humid air is then converted into water through a computerized sensor with respect to atmospheric parameters. The water is further passed through several membranes to remove dust and other unnecessary materials.

After the completion of this process, the water undergoes a UV treatment which kills all germs and microbiological activities after which the water is mineralised and stored in tanks attached. Patel says that the the device can produce clean and healthy water and he himself is using this water since 2-3 days. The development cost was INR 12,000 which may come down once he starts commercial production.

Patel has been receiving phone calls from any countries including UK, Malaysia, US, Switzerland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Russia, Qatar and Oman. However, Patel says that his first priority is proving his own nation with the facility. He wants to invent things which can solve everyday problems of the common Indian man. He also plans to make the youth aware of innovative possibilities especially in rural areas regarding technology and other field they can contribute to.

22 year old Patel has always been an electronic freak. He has been working with electronics since an early age of 10 years. He has also won many competitions in the field of electronics and robotics during his school and college days. He is pursuing engineering in Electronics and Communication from Hyderabad’s Lords Institute of Engineering and Technology.

This is not his only invention, Patel had also invented a smart helmet last year which can also be used as a key to start bike. The bike does not start until you wear the helmet, the technology aimed at reducing frequent bike accidents in cities. With this invention, Patel received a lot of media attention. His other inventions include heartbeat measuring wristband and a solar-powered vehicle.

He is in search of an investor who can fund mass production of his device. Patel says, ““I would like to get the apparatus introduced as part of ‘Make In India’ initiative. I will also take up entrepreneurship and launch a startup.”

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