Endorsements on LinkedIn are getting a revamp with a touch of machine learning

Endorsements on LinkedIn are getting a revamp with a touch of machine learning

LinkedIn is updating its endorsements feature to make it heavier on a person’s profile

California, 19th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

Professional social networking platform, LinkedIn, announced today that it is updating its endorsements feature so that it actually makes an impact on a candidate’s profile. The service will now use machine learning in order to customize each person’s experience. The aim here is to surface the most important skills a person has.

If you didn’t know already, endorsements is a feature on LinkedIn that allows you to rate someone for a skill they possess. It covers almost everything– from professional managerial skills, to engineering works, to even simple computer knowledge. Since its launch four years ago, more than 10 billion endorsements have been carried out on the social network.

While that’s an amazing feat and the feature is hugely beneficial, it had almost become a kind of a gimmick. People could endorse anyone for anything, even if the person had zero experience in that department. You could, for example, rate me a five-star waiter, when I’ve actually never even waited for my turn in a queue.

The company is trying to change this now, though. With a little help from artificial intelligence (machine learning), LinkedIn will now automatically decide which the most impactful endorsements on your profile are. These will then show up first, allowing people running through your profile to actually consider them.

“With more than a third of hiring managers spending more than 60 seconds browsing your skills and endorsements, we want to make sure they’re seeing skills and endorsements that best represent your aspirations and help you stay ahead in your career,”

the company said.

This means that now your skills will be rated by the vice president of product from LinkedIn, for example, instead of from a friend, which adds that much weight to your profile. The factors that define how your skills show up include mutual connections, colleagues and people who are knowledgeable about the skill.

Along with this, you will now also be able to manage which skills and expertise endorsements you want to display.

Image credit: Forbes