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An encounter with naxals that left 75 CRPF casualties, here’s the incident in own words of Rajiv Jain, IPS Mumbai


“When I was posted in Gondia, Maharashtra, information about a raid on Naxals had leaked & 75 of our men from the CRPF were surrounded & shot by them…” 

With people forgetting the sacrifices of our policemen or the defense forces, who sacrifice everything for the sake of duty.

Here’s an incident described in the own words of Rajiv Jain, Chief Commandment of SRPF, Navi Mumbai (I.P.S).

Rajiv Jain IPS
Image Credit: #PortraitsOfIndia

“I started dreaming about becoming an IPS officer when I was just 5 years old. I didn’t even know what the process was, all I had heard was that people go to Delhi to prepare for the exams. And that’s exactly what I did years later after finishing my engineering from BITS Pilani, turning down the job I got placed in.

After clearing the exams in the fourth attempt, I thought I’d finally made it in life. I was stationed in Gondia, Maharashtra. I went there with the confidence that I was prepared for all the challenges of the field, thanks to my dad, who was also a police officer.

But the ground reality turned out to be totally different! And life-altering if I may say so.

75 people from CRPF were killed by the naxals when I was posted there. Information about a raid had leaked and our men were surrounded and shot. I can still remember that day so vividly.

The sacrifices made, the blood shed for the country. Thinking of their families and those affected has kept me grounded all these years.

It gives me a new meaning to patriotism and the love for our country even today. I feel that’s where my journey truly began!

That’s when I understood what it means to serve the nation. And it’s not just us in the defense and armed forces who can do so, you can be in any profession and still build the nation if you’re invested in it. Be it software engineer or doctor. Just go forth and give it your all.”#PortraitsOfIndia

Image Source: Axis Bank Fb page

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