Breaking News plans to empower 1000 women with unique teach from home opportunity

img (a product of uFaber Edutech Pvt Ltd), a unique platform allowing women to work at flexible hours from home by becoming a certified mentor called “eMaester” have empowered 300+ women in last 6 months and plans to reach 1000 eMaesters in another 6 months.

According to various media reports, “the labour participation rate for women was 14.4 per cent during September-December 2016. This is just one-fifth of the 74.2 per cent rate for men”. But disparity in education isn’t as much.

“About 8.5 per cent men are graduates and 5 per cent women are graduates”.

eMaester addresses a common problem facing by many educated women- the inability to continue work due to family situations or location constraints. The platform offers training to equip applicants as online teachers, helping change lives of thousands of people every day.

“With the eMaester program, applicants get access to world class training to master a highly demanded skill. Once an applicant is trained and becomes a certified eMaester, the platform ensures a constant supply of students and projects helping eMaesters to earn money without a constraint of geographical location” says Rohit Jain, Co Founder of uFaber Edutech Pvt Ltd.

All our eMaesters have 100% occupancy of their time slots and are guaranteed to have students for the courses that they specialize in.

“We are changing the education system by offering a unique combination of high quality video content, personal mentorship and frequent assessment. This combination and personalization makes the courses more efficient and affordable. A growing community of eMaesters is very important for us to reach out to millions of students and offer them personal mentorship”. says Rohit.

uFaber has trained some 10,000 students across variety of courses with 1 to 1 training and every day 2000+ classes are taken by eMaesters for students from all over the world. At current growth rate, ufaber needs 1000+ eMaesters to service all the students with one to one training in next six months. 

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