Electric cars to be used by BigBasket for delivery in Delhi


Electric cars to be used by BigBasket for delivery in Delhi

Electric cars to be used by BigBasket for delivery in Delhi

Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Dec 15, 2015 Last Updated at 11.34 AM IST.

Looks like the pollution concerns have also caught the attention of BigBasket, the online grocery retailer. The company plans on using the electric cars for making deliveries in delhi. BigBasket is looking forward to partner with Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles to get pollution free vehicles.

A prototype of the Reva vehicle has already deployed by the Bengaluru-based startup, however the deal hasn’t been signed yet. CEO Hari Menon confirmed the development and said, “We will first start with Delhi and then move to other cities as well.”

Using electric vehicles will have two benefits. Firstly its environment-friendly and hence less pollution and secondly, it will significantly bring down the cost of delivery for BigBasket. Menon added, “It would reduce running cost by 30-40% after moving to electric car delivery system.”

Presently the Tata Ace delivery vehicles are used by Bigbasket that require diesel to run. BigBasket currently has over 90 delivery vehicle in NCR region alone. The company hopes to start delivery using electric vehicles in the coming three to six months. Initially 100 electric vehicles will be deployed.

Mahindra Reva refused to comment on this. The rising pollution levels have set alarm across the city and last week government introduced the odd-even rule to curb the pollution. The rule will be applicable starting from January 1.

Menon said the company has further plans to use robots for picking load in the warehouse so as to reduce the loading and unloading cost.

Source: ET Bureau