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EezyNaukari is Bridging the Gap between Rural & Urban India through a tech startup


With more than 2 million people annually migrating from Rural to Urban India, the incomplete knowledge of right job opportunities for these job seekers is a daunting problem. When we add up the 250 million rural youth, devoid of right job opportunities in rural areas, it becomes clearer that the problem is not going to fade away soon. Each year, thousands of fraud cases happen related to jobs and rural job seekers make an easy prey due to high illiteracy and lack of knowledge. Add the high digital illiteracy and poor access to internet, online-only job portals fail miserably to cater to them. Due to all these problems at hand, rural youth does not have an effective medium to help them in job search. That’s why the contractors still prevail. These contractors take a good part of their hard earned salaries (10-15 % monthly), leaving them high and dry in initial and most crucial months of transition.

On the other side, companies find it tough to find reliable data and active job seekers for blue and grey collar jobs. The absence of skill assessment and unverified database available on job portals only adds up to their misery. This becomes a huge problem when it comes to operations based startups. Due to the fast growing nature, they need a fast and active medium to reach to the last mile job seekers for their job roles but there is no communication channel available that cuts through the geographical, language and digital barriers present in rural India. With startups in India expected to create 300,000 jobs each year by 2020, the growth will not happen if their human resource needs are not met.

Our Vision:
 Our vision is to build a well-grounded and penetrating technology-driven company for rural India. We, as a team, really believe that connectivity with an integrated online-offline platform can bring a revolutionary change in the lives of millions of rural youth and at the same time could solve the hiring woes for the companies.

Solution Model:
 Our coordinator and partner applications work on 2-way communication model. It allows us to work on an innovative distribution-led operation model (much like Uber or OYO). Each coordinator gets a notification when a candidate is matched by our algorithm to a prospective job role. The coordinator then directly communicates with them, provides the job details and ensures that  the prospective candidate has all the information before accepting the job or interview.

 An android based mobile application developed by our technology team helps in gathering multiple data sets for personal details verification and skill-assessment. The application is built considering all possible technical hiccups in rural areas like no internet connectivity and no electricity for long hours. Our innovative assessment model is also able to bring objective values for the non-cognitive skills.

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The digital profiles built with our proprietary technology have a unique combination of verified personal data and skill assessment results. 3-step verification process built on Social, Local, and Aadhaar based identity verification systems makes sure that each and every candidate in our system is genuine and can clear all the background checks. This ensures that our client companies do not need to invest any time worrying about a candidate’s background information being false or inaccurate.

The machine learning based algorithm matches and finds the best available candidates for a particular job role. We take care of all the decision making points – candidate’s previous work locations, his previous job profiles, his skills, etc. This helps our client companies in saving a lot of time and resources.

Business Model:
 The registration for any job seeker is completely free and the companies pay for our services based on their requirements. The offering starts from INR 1000 per selected candidate. We incentivize our coordinators based on their performance in on-boarding and finding the right job seekers.

Enabling Rural Digital Entrepreneurs: In our quest to reach the last mile population, we want to enable the young entrepreneurial minds from rural India to lead this digital connect. Anyone who is able to operate a smartphone and has a basic understanding of English can become our Coordinator. The only costs involved are to have a smartphone, a mobile data connection, and a bank account. We believe that access to capital should not be a constraint to any passionate rural entrepreneur to join us in this digital revolution. We’re also in talks with some of the smartphone manufacturers and online lending startup companies to extend the option of EMI or soft loans. Our partnership enables these driven individuals with our technology solutions.

The Team: An awesome team of 12 young individuals from diverse backgrounds have come together to solve the challenges for the rural India. The team has a great range of experience of working in some of the best technology startups in India. Founding Team includes Nipun Sareen, Hemant Verma, Mohit Sachan, and Rahul Patel.
Nipun Sareen, CoFounder and Head of Demand: Nipun is the business guy for EezyNaukari. He was heading OYO’s Delhi NCR sales and OYO Premium. To understand how sales and marketing functions on the ground, he joined the Marketing Team of Shree Cements after graduating from IIT Guwahati.

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Mohit Sachan, Co-Founder and Head of SupplyMohit is the go getter guy who can gel-well with a cab vendor with equal ease as with Marketing Head of a Fortune 500 company. He joined Wiwigo as the 1st hire and brought in more than 1000 cab operators in their platform in just 6 months. He founded Engineer’s Home, a hassle-free ready to move-in accommodation for engineering students while still in college.

Hemant Verma, CoFounder and Head of Operations: Hemant loves solving complex problems with  the   infusion of technology. He led the expansion into 20+ cities for IndustryBuying as Head of Expansion, his last role before taking the plunge to build EezyNaukari.

Rahul Patel, Founder & CEO: Rahul drives up plans, builds up strategy and leads the team from the front line in execution. His knack for building up things from scratch saw the first outcome as the Guwahati Half Marathon 2010 during the 1st year at IIT Guwahati. He was a part of OYO’s early team and later was part of Business Initiatives team.

Why Start with Uttar Pradesh: Uttar Pradesh has close to 100,000 villages where more than 210 million people live. More than 30% of the rural population in UP is among the young working age of 19-40 years and that means the problem here is humongous. The personal connect of our team with rural lives and Uttar Pradesh were the other reasons why we decided to start it from UP. Starting from the biggest problems that has a personal stake for us to solve is always one of the biggest motivator if anything goes south. Along with this, new policies of state government to support startups were encouraging

Traction so far: In only 6 months of operations, we are present in more than 20 districts of UP, MP, Rajasthan, and Delhi-NCR. More than 2000 rural job seekers and 10000 students have benefitted from our outreach initiatives. We have worked with companies like OYO Rooms, Portea, Industry Buying, Xprep, and many others. More than 30 training institutes and 20 NGOs across the sectors have already partnered with us.


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