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Divergence of Mobile Apps and Websites


Mobile phones have been the greatest evolution of mankind in the 21st century and it has become essential for the businesses and the public. In today’s world, everything is bound to be subjected to the technological changes. It is hard to believe with the fact that, without the mobile phones and the hi-tech’s, the existence of the world.All the business tycoons and leads of the famous firms have started to adapt to the change in the way they are going to sell their enterprise in the public. Now days, people spend most of their time online and it makes their work less cumbersome. There has been an enormous amount of growth in the artificial intelligence, as it has helped millions of people with their respective work.

Smartphones are the latest trend setting tech improvement and in the recent statistics it was predicted that, there will be more than 2 billion smartphone users around the globe. The evolution of the gadgets has been colossal and it continues to be so. Businesses have grown tremendously and they have started to go online as well.

World is fast moving and so are the people in it, they have initiated to buy things online. It is not only with buying things online, there are many things which we can do with the help of the mobile apps and websites. But, a mobile app is different from what a mobile website would do for us. We can distinguish them in many aspects; apps are developed over a period, whereas mobile websites are different.

How it is diversified?

A mobile app always has certain specifications and features in it. It serves the purpose of performing only the specified tasks. They are available on the Play Store or the App Store; it is developed accordingly to the operating system used on the smartphones. The mobile apps are compatible only with certain smartphones, which has the upgraded operating systems of Android and iOS. There a few apps which are not compatible with the lesser versions of the OS.

When we consider a mobile website, the case is completely different, with the way the site works. Mobile websites are the sites which work online and on the smartphone. We need to stay online to be able to access a particular website. The websites which have been designed and developed are of responsive kind and specifically made for the personal computers, laptops and smart gadgets.

Websites are browsed on a large scale and they are the prominent factors for the business to be made online. It does not occupy any physical space on the phone, it just helps us to get the information we need with the search engine. It has more scope to build strong relations with the public in the business forefront. The best factor which mobile website hold is that it is compatible across all the devices and platforms, there is no requirement of designing and developing it with constraints.

Cost Effectiveness

Creating a mobile application or a website, what matters is the, are they cost effective? When a developer is developing a particular app or website, what are the things which need to be considered? In today’s world, everything is digitized and going online, entrepreneurs have started to invest in the digital marketing sector. There are millions of hyperlinks available on the search engine of the websites itself.

On the flip side, both the apps and the sites have been of a great help to the entrepreneurs with their respective business. An individual needs to use the app and the site effectively to make big time profits out of it. If, website is having too many hyperlinks, videos, pop ups and ads, then it is complete distraction to the person. Mobile apps will have the user to stay on the app, as it will not have many distractions when compared to that of a website.

Active or Passive

A marketing person will expect the sales to be active and effective, mobile apps have the take on having an active participation in the marketing of the products. Websites tend to have the passive approach in getting the products or services marketed amongst the public.

If, a user wants to get details regarding the products or services, they have to use the website. In any case, if the user ends up not visiting the website, then the only option with which we are left with is by sending emails or messages. This is an indirect way to get the attention of the viewers to use the website for the special offers and discounts which they get.

In a mobile app, there are no indirect ways in getting the attention of the users. Mobile apps have been designed and developed in such a way that they provide the services in a direct manner. If, there are any offers which have been provided by the traders, they are displayed as pop-up windows.

Pursuit for Enterprise

A marketer would find for the mediums to be able to get the business to the larger part of the population. They will make efforts to reap huge amounts of benefits and provide the best offers to their customers. Online and digital mode as have become prominent factors in today’s world of business. People are spending time online and shopping on the e-commerce websites.

If, we want to have millions of customers throng our business and make it a business. In a recent survey, it is stated that, 80 percent the devices which are used for searching is done on the smartphones. It is a big medium for the traders to sell their products; there are chances where the customer may not revisit the particular website. For that particular reason, it is always better to have a mobile app for the business, with which we can make sure that the customer stays loyal to our business.

Though there are many e commerce websites which are selling products and providing different set of service to the people. There is a major part of the community, tend to use their smartphones with mobile apps for making their purchases. It is said that the revenue incurred on the mobile websites are way less than that of the mobile apps. So, when we decide to digitize our business, we need to make sure that we are designing an effective website as well as an app. It will help us to maintain a good rapport with the customers and take the business to a new level.

Final Thoughts

Mobile phones are essential in everyone’s life and they play an important role. They were used as a device to communicate, but they have altered it and millions of other things can be done with the help of them. They have seen an enormous amount of evolution with the advancement of the technology. Just from being a handheld set, they have become into mini computers.

The applications for the smartphones have become prominent, thought with the existence of the mobile sites. Mobile sites are helpful in finding information online and we need to have internet connection to be able to use a particular site. But, in the case of the mobile apps, we will be able to use them offline and they is no requirement of the data connection. With the ever growing technology and easier ways to perform tasks, it is evident that the mobile apps will be in the lead when compared to that of the mobile websites.

Author Bio: Peter Jordan is Head – Digital Marketing & Strategy of Zuket. He is a writer and coffee lover. He has is a graduate in Computer Science and Post Graduate in Entrepreneurship and leadership from Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. He is a passionate blogger & SEO Specialist. offers software products that are built with Airbnb, Uber and other cloning scripts.


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