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Distributed lending platform I2I funding announces ‘Essential Protection Fund’

Distributed lending platform I2I funding announces ‘Essential Protection Fund’

Investors Will Now Have Protection Against Loan Defaults by Borrowers

Noida-August 5th,2016.RedNewswire/-, a main shared loaning stage has reported a first-of-its-kind speculator assurance reserve, which will permit its financial specialists to appreciate up to 100% insurance against credit defaults.

Talking about the declaration of Principal Protection Fund, Vaibhav Pandey, Co-originator and CEO of said,”The principal protection fund is a step further in our commitment to build a healthy ecosystem. The investors on our platform now significantly reduce the risk of losing their principal because of a loan default. While we ensure that there are no defaults, even if they do happen, we will share the burden with the investors. With this fund, we have increased our skin in the game.”

The support in the ‘Key Protection Fund’ is accessible as a matter of course to all financial specialists who loan through the stage. There are no additional charges for the same. will set aside 5% of the dispensed advances towards the Principal Protection Fund. The organization has as of now made an underlying corpus to set up the Investor Protection Fund.

Main assurance is offered to speculators so that in the event of default, a specific percent of central extraordinary will be come back to them by

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The last discount of central to speculators may rely on upon the sum accessible in the assurance store. The stage has seen zero default on its advances in this way. This additionally talks about the respectability of i2i’s credit hazard investigation calculation. Therefore, the organization has chosen to offer key assurance to its financial specialists to further expand their certainty.

About the company

Peer to peer lending (or P2P Lending / P2P) in common parlance refers to a disruptive technology led innovation which helps an investor to fund borrowers without going through the traditional banking system. It is all set to change the way in which financial transactions are being currently carried out. Traditional financial systems due to their high operating costs such as high office rentals, high employee costs etc. are unable to diligently assess each of the customers as per their risk profiles.

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Therefore, they consider the retail loans (i.e. loans offered to individual persons) as ‘flow’ business which results in customers with varying credit quality getting bucketed together. This is not only unfair to borrowers with high credit quality but also leads to inefficient utilization of financial resources. In addition, these financial institutions charge their high overhead costs to the borrowers resulting in even higher costs of borrowing.

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Vaibhav Kumar Pandey
contact :+91-9899180345
CEO, i2ifunding