Digital learning platform “Skills Alpha” raises $450K from IT veteran Ganesh Natarajan


Skills Alpha is an online learning and development platform for corporate employees

Mumbai – Oct 21, 2016. RedNewswire/-

Mumbai-based Skills Alpha is one of the newest start-ups in the entrepreneurial ecosystem which helps the corporate employees to learn and develop their skills. It offers a dashboard where employees can see where they stand in their career and what they need to do if they want to climb up the skills levels.

It has raised $450K in Angel funding round from Mr. Ganesh Natarajan, an IT veteran and  former CEO of Zensar Technologies. Mr. Natarajan has a stake of 60-65% in the company.

Skills Alpha provides three-dimensional skilling through bite-sized content and curated learning path. It is incubated at 5F world, founded by Natarajan – a meta startup platform which invests in digitally enabled communities, skills focused startups and digital technology.

The company is a new startup founded in 2016. The company is run by Jaideep Kewalramani CEO of Skills Alpha, who is also the managing partner with 5F World.

It plans to partner with content providers, content curators, coaches, mentors, market evangelists, and content producers for delivering the content. It targets companies having an employee count of 2000+.

Natarajan said..

“5F World will try and leverage on its corporate and investor connect to startups that they will invest in. We want to get deeply involved with companies. None of the funds enable their expertise and networking to help the startups. We want to fill that void. We want to leverage our access to corporates to allow startups.”

Jaideep Kewalramani ,CEO,Skills Alpha said..

“Organisations across the world while have continued to invest significant dollars in learning but have forgotten the fundamental, and that is that people need skills for learning and learning is just one dimension of skilling. The other two are on the job training and coaching.”

 “The whole premise of Skills Alpha is how we start by infusing aspiration and if one has aspiration how can that be aligned with the organisation’s growth path and then how do they acquire these skills to be successful. Skill Alpha uses all new technologies like cognitive, AI, gamification, bots and what you have. LMS just becomes one element of the platform.”

“We are democratising the whole process of employees acquiring skills, we want to turn the learning happening in organization upside down,” he added.

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