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Looking for a platform that helps you hire developer’s on-demand? Most of the early-stage startups, today find it difficult to hire the right technical talent. Many cannot afford the resources required for a full-time developer and in some situations, freelancers or interns lack to provide productivity. It was to solve this difficulty that DeveloperOnRent was born. They provide developers with the right skill sets, cultural fit and with the start-up mentality, all in one package.

How it works

The platform provides flexible renting models for developers, which gives one the freedom to work in collaboration with a developer who knows exactly what you need. The platform works on a three-step model of click, rent, and work.

They have a team of developers who come from varied fields, thus giving them the ability to handle any form of business or domain. The specializations include web development, mobility, analytics, and others.

How they built DeveloperOnRent

Kapil Mehta speaks about how he got the idea of starting up along with his co-founder, Jitesh:

We thought of DeveloperOnRent when we initially planned to build our own e-commerce product. We met various companies and all of them submitted their quotes. Pricing was different across the quotes with almost similar timelines, processes, deliverables but yet no confirmation as guaranteed towards the launch of our platform. We had to constantly go through hierarchies to get in touch with the developer.

The team behind

A computer science engineer and an MBA with 13 years of IT experience working in India and abroad across IT application, mobility, infrastructure, and IT transformation, Kapil bounced the Developer-On-Rent idea off Jitesh, a friend who had years of experience working on various technologies with Global experience. They started in Bengaluru in January 2014.

The duo then identified five resources who could deliver full stack development with hands-on experience on various technologies. Kapil says:

We brought them in and spent lot of time putting various business scenarios and applications that a customer may ask. After several deep-dive sessions towards technologies, processes, procedures, re-usability, trends, what can make us deliver fast, learning new concepts, and various behavioral aspects, the team was ready to go.

How they differentiated while bootstrapping

The platform works on a pay-per-use model, with no long-term contracts. They claim to have a low turnaround time and the expertise of developers across platforms in-house. A customer can rent a developer from 10 days to a year or more. All developers are DeveloperOnRent employees. A non-disclosure agreement precedes any discussion of the scope of work. The pricing model therefore depends on the duration.

However, the team took some time to get the process right. Kapil says:

My days consisted of 16 hour days of work. It was hectic and incredibly stressful. My back was against the wall and I remember saying:

“This has to work!”

“It was challenging to get the right team in place to manage this lifecycle with multiple parallel layers. There was a need to build infrastructure where a customer gets seamless experience while leveraging our services and host of other cash-related issues like payments, salaries on time, office expenditure. The cash crunch also made it difficult to scale.”

However, the team claims to have on boarded fleets of developers across different technologies. Apart from getting the opportunity to work on three to four different products in a year, developers are exposed to different business models, stakeholders, technology stacks, customers, and tech teams. Most importantly, there is immense scope for learning and growth.

DOR’s growth story

“We started with three customers and today we are delivering services successfully to over 50+ customers in various countries. We have built and deployed almost over 40+ products across various domains such as healthcare, Automotive, Logistics, E-Commerce, Education, BFSI, Manufacturing, Mythology, Marketing and others,” says Kapil.

Our growth plan includes building on-demand technologies, build strong leadership, mature our processes and launch few centers in India and Abroad. Certain discussions are in progress.