Delhi teen who sold odd-even carpooling app to Gurgaon firm, is now working on an anti-corruption app


Akshat Mittal, 13, had developed a website to help people find carpool companions during odd-even days.

Some are happy, some are jealous,” says Akshat Mittal about the feelings of his classmates, after selling his website to a Gurgaon start-up. The 13-year-old Delhi boy, who goes to school in Noida, was approached by them to buy the website he created to help people carpool during the odd-even rule days. Not only has the Class IX student sold his portal for a good amount, but has also been included in the advisory board of the start-up, which runs a carpool app. “Now, all the teachers know me and many students from different sections want to be my friends,” he says.

When the first odd-even rule period was announced, Akshat had started learning coding from his cousin and father. Soon, he mastered HTML, Java Script, CSS and PHP coding languages and came up with this portal to help people find carpooling partners. “The idea was that many people living close to each other might be going to the same place, but they don’t know about it. I tried to inform them so that they could carpool. Carpooling is a cool thing as it reduces traffic jams and pollution,” he says. His website works on algorithms based on the age, gender, profession and timings of commuters, and continued operations even after the first odd-even phase.

So, does he encourage his parents and relatives to carpool? “Not always. Sometimes, people should enjoy a good drive in their car.” Since it was his first income, Akshat gifted clothes to his grandparents and bought a watch for himself with the money. “Relatives, neighbours, friends – everyone wants to know how much he sold the website for, but we can’t disclose it,” says Akshat’s father Ashish. The teen, who loves to play badminton and football, says he wants to be an entrepreneur and wants to develop an anti-corruption app. Ask him the details and he says, “I can’t tell you my secret!”
Source: TOI.