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Crobox raised $1.2M in seed funding round led by Keadyn &Ventech.


Crobox provides customer intelligence and predictive marketing solutions using machine learning algorithms for engaging with prospects

Amsterdam – Sept 02, 2016. RedNewswire/-

Crobox, an Amsterdam based company, announced today it has raised a $1.2 million funding round led by Keadyn, with participation from Ventech and a number of angel investors.

The company will use funds to continue expanding the capabilities of its platform and expand in other countries. Crobox will develop its API so that it can use its profile data on other platforms.

For e-commerce, it provides landing page optimization, funnel conversion, cart conversion, product detail page up sell etc. Based on the combination of user, product and contextual data.

Crobox predicts which persuasion principles do and don’t work for each specific visitor. Provides personalized tags, customer profiling and data driven analysis on anonymous customer data to develop behavioral profiles.

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A library with more than 200+ different psychological triggers support the customer in experimenting tactics to optimize their messaging across segments.

Currently, the company serves over 20 global customers with Rakuten, T-Mobile and Under Armour, amongst them. It has several big retailers in The Netherlands as clients as well.

Martijn Don, managing partner of Keadyn said “The platform of Crobox has shown awesome traction after it was launched last year. More importantly Crobox has an experienced and great team with the ambition and ability to build the leading player in this space. We are proud to be able to contribute to the further roll out and international expansion.”

Rodger Buyvoets, founder and CEO of Crobox said “More than 95% of the daily decisions made are driven by the subconscious mind. People think they make a decision on a rational basis, but in fact it is driven by emotional triggers”.

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“Crobox has built a data-driven Persuasion Framework in order to help global eCommerce brands to drive those purchase decisions and provide unique consumer insights through their persuasion profiling engine. The technology by using machine learning knows exactly which persuasion tactic does and doesn’t work for every individual”, Buyvgoets added.

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