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Content Writers Agreement

Congratulations for getting qualified for the post of an author/editor/content writer with Red Newswire. Welcome aboard !

The description of your job role & the terms & conditions are as below:-

Job Role & Description

Designation : Content writer

Term: 3 months initial contract. May be extended based on your quality writing, performance & conduct.

Location: Work from home(Within states of India & its union territories only).

Posting Time: Flexible. You must do the writing job any time of the day you’re free & comfortable and publish it, but daily publish is must & mandatory.

Future Opportunities: Based on your good work, we may also hire you full-time with a basic salary of Rs.15,000 or more once you’re available full-time.

Unavailability: In case of your unavailability due to some serious reason or emergency or requirement of leave, you must inform us much in advance. Female writers can have 1-2 holidays per month. Deductions in salary shall be made for prolonged unavailability from work at the sole discretion of Red Newswire management.

We are looking for candidates for whom writing is not just a job. but passion.

Duties :

  1. Writing on startups, entrepreneurs, technology or miscellaneous topics that must interest our readers
  2. The prime objective is to gain traffic on website through interesting, knowledge giving & current affairs or fact publishes
  3. The news / content written by you must be true, original & unpublished elsewhere on web. You must well research the topics.
  4. Selecting topic relevant images, editing them using Photoshop/ other editing tools for use with article as featured image. If images are taken from google, links of the images are to be provided in article and credit be given to the copyright holder. This is strictly required.
  5. The content written by you for Red Newswire must not be shared, distributed or sold to other blogs or portals for re-use or publish.
  6. If you happen to write more articles in a day than regular, you can also schedule the publish for a later date & time. Please let us know if you need any help.
  7. Writing on topics such as HOW-TOs, WHY TOs, WHEN TOs, related to business, startups, companies
  8. Putting tags and categories for the contents to be written. Most of the tags may already be found while typing, use them. If tags are new, then you must add them.
  9. Posting on social media, sharing, distribution
  10. Minimum 2 – 3 articles should be submitted to our team on daily basis.
  11. Basic knowledge of using WordPress. You’ll be given an account on our with username & password to login & publish posts on your own.
  12. Distribution on social networks including posting & sharing in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. You’re required to share at least on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.
  13. All and any help related to writing, posting or use of WordPress shall be provided to you.
  14. You’ll be provided with an official email account on for use. The email id must be used only for official purpose with RedNewswire or its clients, in case if readers suggest or seek response from for any correction, editing, etc and no other personal or miscellaneous purpose.

Writing Format:-

You must write original, interesting write-ups. Copied articles shall be rejected and no payments shall be made if copied content is detected. It is to be noted that copied content may get our website no traffic, low ranking in Google or even get blocked by Google.

For format of story writing, please refer to the link here
Note:- Contents written should be original, its plagiarism will be reviewed by our team.

Pay Scale:

Basic Monthly: Rs.3,000 per month.

Increment: Increment shall be given from time to time during or after the extension of your term with us. Increment completely depends on your performance & dedication to the work.

Payment date: If your start date is Oct.1, 2016, you shall be paid by & between Nov 1 – Nov 10th, 2016. If your start date is Oct 15th, you’ll be paid by Nov 25th, 2016.

Scope of employment: Your employment with Red Newswire is on a probationary basis and is temporary and may be terminated with a 7 days notice by either party. Hence, employment benefits such as medical insurance, incentives, travelling allowances, D.A and other perks and benefits which are entitled to full-time employees only shall not be entitled to you. You shall however, at the sole discretion of Red Newswire, be entitled to cash or other non-cash rewards (gifts, vouchers) for your performance & dedication shown in work.


  • Please submit a short bio profile of 2-3 lines with one high resolution photo of yours for creating an account for you.
  • Kindly submit any 2 photo id proofs from among Voter Id, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport(any 2 only)
  • Please mail your Bank Account details with IFSC Code(India based payments). SWIFT & MICR Code is required for writers residing outside India for wire transfer. Wire Transfers may take additional 5-6 business days for realization of payment.



Your Email credentials & WordPress account details shall be shared with you soon after you acknowledge and agreement acceptance confirmation. We believe that you’ll prove to be a valuable resource to Red Newswire !

Wish you the best !

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