Content Marketing

Here’s how we help your business growth & Brand Building journey through content marketing..

Content Marketing is one of the biggest success stories in the media industry. Second only to internet advertising in accelerated growth, it constantly amazes in its size, scope and adaptability. Every day another client comes on board, ready to experience the excitement and rewards of publishing their own magazine or website using their own content.

Every day, thousands of pieces of content are published, all professionally planned, commissioned, edited and measured to give their client brands a powerful and effective way to reach their customers, gaining fantastic levels of loyalty and sales along the way.

If your content goes viral, it can create a huge opportunity for your business and brand because people will spread your message and product for you at a rapid speed in a short period of time.  There is no guarantee that a post, video or other media will go viral but there are steps you can take to boost your chances because viral content have certain elements in common. There are many reasons why the world’s leading brands use content marketing, but the Big Five are:

1. Increase sales
In its purest form, content marketing provides a controlled and portable shop window for companies to sell products to their customers in their own time. Recent CMA research has found that over 50% of content marketing consumers say it has a positive impact upon purchase decisions, with 61% agreeing that it increases brand positivity.

2. Retain customers
In an increasingly fragmented culture, with every retail and service business facing stiffer competition every year, companies are placing more and more importance on retaining their existing customers. By offering both entertainment and information, content marketing rewards the customer with engaging editorial while keeping them updated on new products or services. By regularly communicating with your customer in this way, you are much more likely to keep their business.

3. Build or reposition your brand
For any company wishing to build or transform their brand, they need a method of communication that gets their message across quickly in a carefully controlled way. Since good content on websites, emails, mobiles and print products requires a certain degree of concentration on the part of the consumer, you have the ideal opportunity to alter their perception of your brand. And since content marketing agencies will know your audience just as well, if not better, than you, they can ensure your message gets through to exactly the right demographic, giving you the biggest return on your investment.

4. Ability to integrate
The core skill of the modern content marketing agency is to create and distribute content across all key marketing mediums – print, online, digital, mobile, video and social media. Not only can the agencies produce content appropriate for the individual channel, all channels will be integrated with one another, doubling or tripling the effectiveness of the campaign.

5. Engage customers long term
While clients may look towards content marketing for short-term gain, their real talent lies in long-term engagement. Using regular communication with your customer base, you can gradually build up a bond with the reader, increasing their trust in your brand and making your product or service their first choice. And by creating a regular dialogue with your reader, you can open a line of communication that gives a constant stream of feedback you can use to improve your service and keep your customers happy.

How to invent the best content marketing strategy and compelling content ?

1. Create Interactive Content
Interactive content generates participation, commenting, and shares. This type of content includes giveaways, fill-in the banks, puzzles, quizzes and more. People particularly enjoy content that is about them, such as a quiz to find the best types of jobs for them. As they share their results with others and share the quiz with them, they create more engagement for the content.

2. Create an Interesting Headline
The headline is a key part of the content because it will determine whether or not people will continue reading. Headlines that make people curious tend to work well. For example, here is one headline from the home page of Yahoo!: “The One Time It’s OK Not to Pay Off a Debt.” This headline will make people curious to read more.

3. Write Inspiring Stories

Writing stories that inspire people and stories that people can relate to or are personal to them increases the chances that your content will be shared. People love to feel inspired and like to read positive stories such as a man rescuing an elephant.  The human desire for inspiration is also the reason why inspirational quotes are so popular on social media.

4. Be Short and Concise
Most viral content is short and to the point. This makes it easy for everyone to view, understand, and share the content – even people with not much time or those with short attention spans. Therefore, most viral videos are only 30 seconds to a minute long. For blogs, use appealing images and bullet points to make the content easily scan-able.

5. Be Authentic
People enjoy genuine content so your content does not need to be highly produced or overdone or require a large budget to create. Sometimes, just a simple funny genuine video will go viral.

6. Share the Secrets of Success
Whether they want to get fit, get into the perfect relationship or succeed in business, people want to know the secretes of success. This is why these topics rank among the highest for engagement and shares.

7. Affect Emotions
Content that has a powerful impact on people’s emotions has a better chance of becoming viral. This content can be amusing, inspiring, beautiful, shocking, heart-warming, warning or surprising. People also like to share content that makes them look smart or clever. For example, LinkedIn sent out emails to people who had the top viewed profiles from the year before and many of these people shared this news. As a result, LinkedIn’s reach and members increased.