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Concealed Attributes of Whatsapp

  1. Altering the font of text messages to that resembling a typewriter’s

If the user wants the font of the text message they create to look old school like that of a typewriter, all they have to do is insert the ` symbol three times before the content of the text message and insert the same symbol 3 times after the body of the message. As a result, the font of the message being sent appears similar to that of a typewriter

The character to make this font come true can be accessed on the Android keypad by entering the =< button. In the case of iPhone, it is generated by long pressing the apostrophe key and choosing the marginally slanted type.

To enable the bold feature for the message text, the * symbol has to be used on both sides. To enable italics, the _ symbol must be used on both sides. To initiate strikethrough feature the ~ symbol has to be used on either side of the body of the message.

2) Accessing the app via computer


WhatsApp Web is one particular handy feature not known much among users where messages are entered via an actual keyboard. To enable this less known attribute the user has to first access their net browser and enter the following URL-, where then a QR code is able to be viewed.

Next using the phone, the 3 uprightly ordered dots from the menu where the conversations have been stored is pressed and following this the WhatsApp Web aspect has to be tapped upon. The camera of the phone becomes active allowing it to scan the QR code displayed on the screen. After scrutinizing, the Whatsapp Web will reflect what is observed on the phone.

3) WhatsApp utilized for file transfers

This is again a very handy tip where everything shared on the phone is accessible from WhatsApp Web. Hence if the user shares a file on either their mobile or computer, the component is accessible immediately on the other corresponding device, once a fast download is done.

Restriction regarding the file size is featured when transfering but the issue is prevalent solely among videos. To bypass this, the user can install any video compressor app to reduce the size of the files and render them to be sent.

4) Transmit a huge heart

This one is simple yet captivating. The user can send a heart to any person they like and it will be displayed in a big size once sent.

5) Securing private chats

The users can manipulate their chats from being comparatively previewed when they are displayed as a notice. To enable this the user has to press the 3 vertically arranged dots then access setting and finally that of notifications. On opening popup notification and the user then has to select one according to the choice varying from absence of popup to ceaselessly displaying popups.

6) Identifying the person with whom the user communicates the most:

Via iOS it is feasible to view the precise number of texts the user has transmitted to their contacts and groups. To identify, the user has to access settings then that of data and finally storage usage which when clicked on will display the statistics. This feature is not found in Android phones.

7) Pasting individual chats to the main screen of the phone:

Once identifying the individuals with whom the users contact the most, it is feasible to make a shortcut concerning their chats. This is enabled by long pressing the chat corresponding to which the user wants to generate a shortcut,  then press the 3 dots at the top right corner of the screen and then finally tap add chat shortcut after which the chats will be displayed on the user’s main screen.


8) Monitoring data usage:

To view data consumption, the 3 vertically positioned dots have to be clicked by the user and then settings have to be accessed finally following that of data usage where the user can access network usage to view all the metrics regarding message sending, receiving  and other such aspects.

9) Enabling Whatsapp calls to consume less data:

Armed with the fact that Whatsapp consumes a lot of data, the user has to press the 3 vertically arranged dots and then access settings. The user then has to select data usage and check the low data usage box.

10) Enabling to mute a chat :

 It is feasible in Whatsapp via an featured option for users to mute the chat conversation in a particular Whatsapp Group for a given time ranging from eight hours to 1 year.

11) Relaying a message via integrating BCC aspect:

It is practicable for the user in Whatsapp to transmit a message to several individuals such that the recipients do not know to whom else the user has sent the same message similar to the BCC aspect in mails. This is enabled by browsing to the chat menu with all chats present and then it is followed by pressing the 3 vertically positioned dots and then choosing new broadcast. All the user has to do now is select the contacts to whom the user wants to send a text, input the message and press Send.

12)  To identify the time when a message has been sent and read through:

To have a more comprehensive access regarding the time when a message was delivered and read, the user can long press the specific message and hit the circle featuring an ‘I’ in the centre. In the case of iPhone the user can swipe to the right side.

13) Disabling the time stamp :

For users pondering on the fact why people received the message but not yet replied back, this can be eliminated by pressing the 3 vertical dots then access settings then that of account. Now Privacy option is tapped and individuals can be selected as to who can view their status, time-stamp and profile picture.

It is to be noted that deactivating the last seen option also deactivates the capability to view it.

14) Enabling people to identify the user’s location:

 This feature is enabled in  Whatsapp by pressing the paper clip on the top right side and by pressing location enabling users to select where they are located or manipulate their present location.

15) Saving user’s chats :

Users can preserve a copy of their messages onto iCloud or Google Drive which is handy in the case of saving them or when they switch phones. The 3 vertical dots have to be accessed, followed by settings and then chat. Chat backup is enabled allowing the user to generate a copy for future use.

Chats can be e-mailed by pressing the 3 dots, and then by accessing settings and that of chat history where email chat option is chosen. Here a particular chat is selected to be emailed. The option to remove all chats or catalogue them can also be done from this menu.

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