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Cinema Without 3D Glasses Finally About to Arrive, Conquering Television at the Same Time


Cinema Without 3D Glasses Finally About to Arrive, Conquering Television at the Same Time.

Mumbai, India  Aug 18,2015/ Red Newswire

Anglo-American technology company, Ying Group , looks all set to pull off the biggest set of technological breakthroughs that the world’s public has never seen in the 3D space in many decades.

Just when people had accepted that 3D television had failed – even with the sophisticated custom infra red 3D glasses – it comes roaring back with an upgrade to cinema and television formats. And this time you don’t need to buy new glasses, or even a new TV set. Just bring your old TV and tune in.

Based upon sophisticated neuro-cognitive image modelling implemented directly into the signal itself by powerful digital transformations at the pixel on pixel level within each remastered digital frame, the technology operates at 8K down to 1K, and is also now fully implemented across the tablet and smartphone platforms.

As Rosa Martinez, media executive at Ying Group explains, “It has taken our Ying scientists and digital engineers eight years to crack the many challenges required to bring this to the cinema screen and now also to the TV screen.”

Abhijeet Thakar, senior director at Ying Group India – the new Indian division of Ying Group, and currently in-charge of the discussions for the first broadcast trials, comments, “We expect an announcement by early September telling the Indian public and now also to the world that which Indian TV station will be the first broadcaster to use EDS.”

Miles Adams, head of technology, who oversaw some of the recent tests for Indian cinema says that, “The first Indian TV transmissions are now expected in September and if you look at the samples here of both Hollywood content (see ‘Avatar’) and Bollywood content (see Telugu trailer of ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Dheevara’ song clip from the film) then you can see that the public has something quite special to look forward to.”

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Rosa Martinez and James Ashbey, the technology’s inventor, had a conversation about the relationship between EDS and the art form of film, and its place in the hierarchy of film production. If the Indian TV broadcast tests are successful, then North American and European TV audiences will be next to get their chance to enjoy and evaluate the technology, but to get an early preview, click on to see this Batman Side By Side Comaprison EDS –

Ying Group believes that they have solved the biggest problems facing 3D technology. As Rosa Martinez says, “3D’s biggest problems were that people did not want to wear the glasses, and they really only wanted to watch the top quality content to justify the inconvenience of having to wear the glasses. Well EDS finally puts the 3D glasses firmly in the dustbin of history and we expect an Indian broadcaster to broadcast the EDS versions of ‘Ben-Hur’ and ‘Gone with the Wind’, both in full EDS 3D without glasses. I think everyone is going to remember where they were the first time they enjoyed their first full length film in our new remastered EDS formats.”

Rosa then adds, “And of course Hollywood is going to see the biggest jump in its share price in the last 30 years as the financial markets worldwide begin to realize that all of those great classic films in the big film libraries can now be remastered into 3D without glasses for the big screen and the small screen. It will be like digital discs for the music industry, all over again, only this time the format is going to begin with a 100% penetration – every TV set is ready for the DVD and Blu-ray discs. It took CD’s, lasers discs and DVD/Blu rays 30 years to achieve 80% penetration. EDS starts with 100% penetration, on the first day. Global media has never seen anything like it before!”

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Miles Adams further adds, “Yes, it took us a further two years to scale things down from the cinema to the home television and broadcast formats, but I hope the readers and viewers agree that it was worth it.”

The Ying Group is hoping that EDS will give viewers a 2Dplus image on the computer screens and televisions, and a full 3D image on the big cinema screens of the world and all without glasses.

The first new image format in the last 40 years.

Abhijeet Thakar says, “As an Indian I feel a swell of pride in my chest that this is happening first here. My countrymen and countrywomen should reflect just how far we have come in 80 years. Mahatma would have been so proud, especially because EDS comes to the rich and poor across our vast nation, all together on the same day. Only in India should this be broadcasted first.”

Now you can judge for yourselves [1] Avatar (Ying-BBC format) (experimental format) [2] Baahubali EDS format Trailer (4444 codec) [3] Incredible India I Colours EDS [4] Baahubali Song EDS comparison [5] Batman Side By Side Comaprison EDS

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