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Chinese investors offer to provide funding of about $50 million for Indian startups


The investing delegates are keen on first understanding the Indian market, while other are keen on investing in the Indian startups

Bengaluru – Sept 26, 2016. RedNewswire/-

On sunday, a dozen Chinese investors offered at a technology summit to jointly provide funding of about $50 million for Indian startups. Hong Kong-based Cyber Carrier has set up a $30 million initiative fund to make 10 more investments in India.

Jessica Wong, partner at Cyber Carrier, said,..

“Chinese investors are increasingly interested in investing in the country, during an event over the weekend that she helped organise, which saw a delegation of 17 Chinese investors come down to Bengaluru to meet Indian entrepreneurs.”

About 150 Indian startups from different sectors pitched for Series A funding at the two-day summit by presenting their ideas to a 17-member delegation of Chinese investors.

The summit organisers said in a statement,..

 “Each start-up is seeking $4-10 million funding from the Chinese investors, including Carrier, which helps enterprises in FinTech, B2B, e-commerce, healthcare, EdTech and AdTech areas,”

The Technology Issue Summit was organised by Onionfans, Cyber Carrier, Technology Issue magazine and Xpressn labs. 

Aarin Capital Partners and former Infosys director T.V. Mohandas Pai who was present at the summit said,..

“The opportunities for investment in India were immense, as 2,000 start-ups registered across the country in 2015, 1,250 of them got funded.”

“The start-up revolution shows the potential and scope of the Indian market, with India, China and the US as growth engines in the near future,” he added.

Jessica Wong said,..

“People are starting to get excited about what is happening in India, especially the Chinese, who believe India is a big market.”

“We are looking to make more investments in the fintech and SaaS sectors as well as in education and healthtech,” she added.


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