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Chennai, India | Red Newswire |Dec 13, 2015 Last Updated at 02:47 PM IST.

Panache… What more can precisely highlight the selfless behavior of the volunteers, who helped, or let me say, “Saved the day” for all the victims of the Chennai floods? Starting from our favorite actor to our least favorite neighbor, everybody was into it. Irrespective of their current situation, people were ready to offer help everywhere. Amidst people who were concentrating on marketing themselves even at such a scathing situation (Hey… I am pointing at no one here! ), there were those, who acted like heroes that the city did not deserve, but needed; being Silent Guardians; Watchful Protectors! *I ripped that off “The Dark Knight”!*

The torrential rains were indeed torture some for the citizens of Chennai, as it held them captives in their homes. Having no electricity, people were stuck at their homes, and worse, they were not able to convey their situation to their loved ones, as their mobile phones were devoid of charge or network.  If being confined in our homes is gruesome, what can we say about the plight of those who were left with no home? This is where the knights “not-in armor” offered their aid. Be it saving those who were stuck at their homes or offering food for the needy, they served with flair. Instead of limiting their reach, they contacted everybody they knew, in an attempt to stretch their deeds. Making use of all social media to the best of their ability, they spread word about the needs of others and also about the places from which help could be received. Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp were swarmed by contact numbers and addresses offering help, and also the necessities that were required for those suffering.

People all over, in and around Chennai, did everything they could to be of help, and it ranged from providing blankets to power banks, from food to clothes. People worked their backs out, not considering the fact that the people they were helping are complete strangers. Everybody, especially the youngsters, were ready to lend their hands instead of letting people be washed away by the water. People were ready to cook food in large amounts and distribute it and others were ready to let an off comer stay at their homes and the best part is, they DID what they told!

Having seen Chennai only as a “success-story”, it is indeed tough to encounter the city in a distressed state. But no, the good doings have not stopped… the volunteers have moved on from rescuing to rehabilitation. Help is being offered everywhere and all kinds of measures are being taken, in order to bring the city’s glow back. These scenes taught us one thing for sure… “HUMANITY”! And it is indeed the best lesson. It has taught us that we can help each other and grow together. Hence, to all the hands (and hearts) that was ready to offer help, THANK YOU! This “thank you” is not going to suffice the help that was offered but it is our duty to express our gratitude to all those who had offered help. Dear volunteers…you are all SUPERHEROES, superheroes that the world needs always!

By: Ranganayaki R @Rednewswire

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