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Looks like this is the season of the comebacks…. or lemme say, the season where people get what they deserve! Just like Leonardo Dicaprio finally got the Oscar, Spiderman finally gets to star in the Avengers franchise!

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The trailer begins with Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America explaining the intricacies of their job (Yeah! In that Superhero style and tone! ) and as to how they never give up in spite of the hardships involved. The Superheroes get explained about the situation that the citizens face because of the collateral damage that is caused. The officials expect the Avengers to work in a systematic manner, under the guidance of a core team.

But the heroes have a different thought about it and they start forming teams. The trailer revolves around the arguments between Captain America and Iron Man (The way he says that he wants to punch the former’s perfect teeth…. Hilarious! ) and the way disinterest surges between them, especially when War Machine gets injured majorly.

And the part where Steve says that it doesn’t have to end as a fight and Tony replying that Steve had started a war… W-O-A-H!!!

Like all Marvel trailers, this trailer reveals just the right amount of the story, with all its puns and perfect counter dialogues.

With Iron man, Black Widow, War Machine, Black Panther and The Vision one side and Captain America, Winter Soldier, Hawk-Eye, Ant-Man and Falcon on the other side, barging towards each other; Iron Man gives the perfect quip, ”Alright… Running out of Patience! On the Roof!” and out comes “our Friendly Neighbourhood, Spiderman”! In just a fraction of a second, he seizes Steve’s shield, cuffs Steve’s hands with his web and delivers a not-so-disparaging innuendo, “Hey Everyone!”!

Do I have to say more?! Catch this movie in theatres on the 6th of May!


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