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A candid interview with Ashish Dhande, cofounder of

A candid interview with Ashish Dhande, cofounder of

1. When and how did you start What inspired you to kick start MeraVivah?

PROLOGUE – A lot has happened to me all since before October 2015. The quest to get the best life partner with whom chemistry will be at its best and life a beautiful journey. Speaking of starting, I am so motivated by my by own life story or you can say I have my struggles, my frustrations and my own fears- along with my hopes and dreams of getting my kind of partner, that I was compelled to launch powerful matrimony site just for you and people like me. This self experiencing and sweating phenomenon emergence as self-arranged marriages today known as “” a free-choice on the part of the prospective spouses.

TIMES WERE TOUGH – Bunch of factors working against me. I have only three options through References, Marriage Bureau and Matrimonial Sites. Talking about these three in brief…

REFERENCES MARRIAGES – This is the most conventional method in which you are couched by limited scoop of family members, relatives or friends to get for you the best and selective choice with no option to marry one among best. In this with psychological pressure the marriage takes place without freely given consent to any bride or groom.

MARRIAGE BUREAUS – This is usually a agency or office brokering weddings. The family promoter with a picture and the bride or grooms horoscope approaches the marriage bureaus which are particularly established in a city. These marriage bureaus are associated with many affinities in that city or beyond but not far beyond state. So we can say a small key to the formation of marriage alliances.

MATRIMONIAL SITES – A good and clicking one to get the best partner of your choice with vast database from all around the globe, host of features, benefits, and privacy policy of these matrimonial websites ensures choosing the right person. But most of these matrimonial sites have premium administrations for its clients, for which they charge a better than average sum. It relies on upon the clients to benefit these features. So you have to be fully pocketed looking to register on these sites.

So after experiencing this tough adventure or getting married. I used to think that one day I’d be able to resolve and make it easier for all struggling single’s who have different drives of thoughts for their marriages and for getting the best part of their life, making the moves of their search and each individual of every class to reach their partners and find them easily with easy to use features without sneaking into the pocket and pick the one made for them which ever corner of the globe they reside. It was possible with the help of Vijay my friend and co-founder of Vijay is exceptionally good in terms of technology and without his support I won’t think the product would be developed as great as today it is. launched with a dream for all, for their better half with all the ways to cut waste, keeps chances of fraudulent practices are at bay. No one can check your profile information, contact details, or photographs without your permission. Indeed, for all Indians with a moderate outlook and for every salaried person began or can register here with faith.

2. How old are you?

Please give a brief about your educational background and professional journey too.
Ashish Dhande, 30, Co-Founder and CEO of,has earned his MBA in IT & Marketing from Bharati Vidyapeeth University Pune and an advanced diploma in Computers from NIIT. He Co-founded in October 2015 and under his stewardship the is achieving success in short span of time.

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Vijay Chandnani, 27, Co-Founder and CTO of most people were concentrating on the BPO and outsourcing business, Vijay’s dream was to build a product that would provide value to thousands of people around the world, and most importantly, one that is conceptualized and developed in India.


3. What was your seed capital and what were the challenges have you faced during the initial days?

Me and my co-founder Vijay Chandnani has invested our saving for product development. I had mortgage my car and Vijay has broke his FD and through that fund we built a strong enough team for product development later we were using the fund for marketing activities.


4. Is your venture self-funded or have you raised funds from investors? If not then are you looking to raise?

Yes our venture is self funded and in future definitely going for funding for infrastructure development and expansion.


5. How did you get your first customer? Please elaborate on your entire customer acquisition experience as you entered into market which is already crowded with established players?

Small works lead to giant consequences. I am blessed to be able to get 100 members registered, even before I launched, all because of the months of market survey we did. I know it’s going to be very tough, entering in a market already crowded with established players but here with my own leverage I started market with a total word of mouth and in no time my strategy seems fruitful, the comments of all lessen my fear, inspired and moved me to launch.
I started receiving countless encouragements to distil my work compiling the best I have to give to gain a better perspective. Through my own trials I have found that it is not enough to know what to do, we must act on that knowledge in order to give the best we want.

MARKETING ANALYTICS – during this marketing survey I heard more rejoicing words and the faith that I develop during those days gives me enough confidence to launch my venture enriched with quality to stand beyond one among other established players. I believe that the worthy purpose behind is help and integrate the lives with a personal note.

HOW CAN I SIMPLIFY AND STAND BEYOND ALL OTHERS – Enthusiastically, We after getting lots of love and appreciation in our successful market survey report. This question how can I simplify more the features, to let meet the life partners before it’s too late or rather making it another hard core platform makes no difference. Starting with registering it should be a hopeful, enjoyable, trustworthy journey without carrying much baggage’s. Starting with faith all profiles of are KYC approved ensuring its members to join and search confidentially.

NOBLE OBJECTIVE – To manifest my highest potential, I added value to the seekers desires and started First Social matrimony website with large KYC approved bride and groom profile. I don’t want to be in the same boat, so I started with a unique concept of more friendly, handier and easily handpicked features for all like-minded people.
Competition means that there’s demand in the marketplace. I want to create a profitable for both my members and me a unique venture serving a small niche in a competitive market. This all let me to introduce website with unique social features.


Unique Features: –
1. Video Profile
2. KYC Approved Profiles
3. Free Messaging
4. Like Partner profile & Photos
5. Share profile
6. My Activity Timeline
7. Till you marry subscription
8. Enhanced Privacy
and many more………

For any more information or Confusion, one can also talk to Toll Free Number or customer assistance immediately. Any lacking in confidence or breach of privacy profile can be directly sorted out with higher authorities or protest section of the website. is not only the most safe and secure matrimony website for all its members but also credible.

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6. What is your USP?

We are not the typical matrimonial site, we are not a frivolous dating site, either we are the social matrimony site that people have been waiting for.
We have introduced features like : Video Profile , Like Profiles & Photos, Share Profile, My Activity timeline, Till You Marry Subscription, KYC Approved profiles etc


7. Elaborate on the entire mechanism of how works?

Step 1 : Free Registration
MV consultant interacts with you to understand you & your expectations from a life partner.
Step 2: Submit KYC
You need to submit your KYC in order to approve your profile.
Step 3. Discover Like Minded People
The best matches are handpicked after screening thousands of profiles and are sent to you for approval.
Step 4 : Initiate Free Chat With Prospects
MV consultant connects with the prospects you are interested in & obtains their feedback.
Step 5 : Arranging Meetings
Once both parties show mutual interest, your MV consultant organizes a meeting at a convenient time and location.


8. What are the marketing initiatives have you taken so far and what kind of investment have you done so far?

We have divided our marketing team into 3 groups:

B to C Team: Responsible for home to home activities, Active Participation in Vadhu-Var Parichay Sammelan, flyer distribution etc.
B to B Team: Franchisee Development, Tie-Ups with local marriage bureaus.
Digital Marketing Team : Will help us to get border impact on search engine along with social media presence.
Investment : 12 Computers and VPS Server, Furniture and Dedicated and intelligent team.


9. How many employees do you have and what is your geographical location?

Currently we have a team of 15 employees and physically we are operating from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

MeraVivah team @RedNewswire

10. What is the number of visitors and re-visitors do you have? Also please mention about the number of registered users and marriages happened so far.

There are 20K to 25K visitors being visited monthly where approximately 55 % visitors were existing members. Till date we have more than 6500+ KYC approved profiles and 50+ success stories happened so far.


11. Mention the services that you offer and how much do you charge for them. is personalize online matchmaking website where people can find their better half online and if any one wont aware about technology then we will provide them handpicked profiles in printed format and charges are very affordable at it’s only Rs.200 and validity is till you marry.


12. What kind of revenue model do you follow? What is your month on month growth in terms of revenue?

As of now we are following only revenue model which is membership plans and soon we are executing another revenue model by introducing wedding guide where people also get to know about vendors list within their city like wedding planner, florist, catering services etc.

In terms of revenue so at this moment we were more concentrating on providing high class partner finding experience and database generation.


13. What are your growth and expansion plans for the next two to three years?

In coming three years we planned to register 100,000 KYC approved profiles , Develop a mobile application , Open physical offices within tier 2 and tier 3 cities for personalize customer services, better infrastructure development etc

Team MeraVivah @RedNewswire
Team MeraVivah @RedNewswire

14. What is your expectation in terms of revenue for the next fiscal year?

We planned to convert at least 10,000 members into paid membership within system up to next fiscal year. ..

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