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Canada based Nityaa Labs Inc’s “Bollywood-Masti” is a movie streaming app with a difference

Canada based Nityaa Labs Inc’s “Bollywood-Masti” is a movie streaming app with a difference

Bollywood Masti – All your favorite Bollywood Movies & Videos now in your pocket!

Pune, India – Nityaa Labs Inc today announced their latest app — Bollywood Masti

Bollywood Masti offers free Hindi movies, music videos, comedy clips, trailers and much more. If you are a movie junkie this is one stop-spot for all your entertainment needs. Whether it is watching a movie or enjoying some quick fun clips, this app offers all.

Even though we have so many movie-streaming apps, movie-watching experience is broken. Problems are either with too much video content overload, or not being able to find the right content and at times people not being able to make enough of “me-time”. Secondly in a country like India, with so many different cultures and regional languages, we can’t have one size fit all. Bollywood masti offers a different approach. All the content is sourced in by their team of editors, and going forward it will offer video recommendations based on crowd-sourced content and machine learning.

Performance and Interface

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The minimalistic, simple user interface offered by the app gets around the tedious and often unyielding YouTube search for Bollywood related content and does not intimidate the user with complicated features. Thus, making Bollywood videos accessible on the go.

Ease of Access

The sub categorization of the available videos based on genres, actors, singers and so under the broader categories of Movies, Songs, Dialogues, Trailers and Comic Scenes and so on makes the choice for videos to be watched very lucid and easy.

Pricing and Availability

Bollywood Masti is a completely FREE application! It is available on

About Nityaa Labs

Nityaa Labs Inc is a company incorporated in Canada, with operations across India & Canada. Along with Bollywood Masti they also have another app called AirStream live on Google Play & Apple Appstore with over 600,000+ downloads.

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Nityaa Labs

Office 301, Bhuvneshwari Apartment, Opposite Abhimanshree Soc. Gate no 04, Aundh, Pune – 411008




Twitter: @bollymastiapp