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Bulk Content Writing

bulk-content-writingA long story book, a novel or a biography, contains millions of words. But, they all start with a few finger countable words. It applies to businesses too. Multi-billion enterprises begin, move on and grow with time. But, wait a minute, it’s not just with time, its to the virtue of content, the volume of quality content they write, share and contribute to various sources of eager readers, published both online and offline.

“Content has turned all startups into big selling BRANDS ! It’s all to the power of content. Don’t you agree pal ?”

Well, how did you come to know about Microsoft or Apple, or say about any famous personality. It must never be forgotten that, content has always been the best way of propagating an idea through means of newspapers, internet and social networks. Words spread by readers, a reader who might be your friend, a relative or even an enemy, help you gain fame, popularity. Advertisement done through word of mouth are more powerful and effective than a self-boasted TV commercial Ad.

“You see a TV commercial Ad, because you’re shown & you see it unwilling, but you read a newspaper out of eagerness, you spread the word willingly.”

Bulk Content Writing Orders

Red Newswire’s has a huge club of efficient & experienced writers. We have niche experts in-fact, who know their domain and how to play the word around.

The daily volume of content delivered by Red Newswire is in the range of 3 million to 12 million words per day and we are still hungry to write more and more spicy stuff for our consumers, both direct & indirect. Our writers hold expertise in writing for various niches, some of them are real estate, finance, technology, health & fitness, beauty, lifestyle, jewelry, fashion, celebrity gossips, news & current affairs re-writing, politics & countless niches.

As per the content industry pricing standards & rates, you’re likely to be charged high. However, since we always keep ourselves under the heap of bulk content writing orders, Red Newswire offers competitive prices. Please contact our sales team for a special custom pricing.

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