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A breakthrough for techies – how a PEC Graduate emerged as an uprise and shook the market place for techies

A breakthrough for techies – how a PEC Graduate emerged as an uprise and shook the market place for techies

“The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”–Winston Churchill.

We live in an age where the line between opportunity and difficulty is as ambiguous as ever, yet we see everyday stories that push boundaries, achievements that astound us, individuals that demand awe. Concealed among them are the silent optimists.

The opportunists that don’t seek attention but quietly go about overcoming every hurdle en route to their dreams and objectives. One such person is Sahil Kohli CEO/Founder of Applancer, a platform designed to get app developers and idea owners together. Mr Kohli graduated from PEC university of Technology, a reputed college in Chandigarh, India. Right from his college days, he displayed a penchant for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Sahil kohli
Sahil Kohli CEO/Founder of Applancer

During his college days, he started Xerocopy a company which made photocopies free for students by displaying various advertisements on them. He was then CEO of Exousia Tech, an app development company for 2 years.

While at Exousia, he saw the opportunity to start a platform that makes client acquisition a much easier process for budding app developers. Applancer was started as a bootstrapped enterprise. Unyielding confidence in the project prompted him to use his resources and start Applancer irrespective of external investment. Bootstrapping involves a high margin of risk and incredible guts. It was imperative that every decision taken would be spot on and every employee hired would be extremely focused and dedicated from the first day. The difficulty was only an opportunity for the founder.


Applancer has come as a breath of fresh air for millions of those app developers struggling for profitability. Every skill needs to be backed by intelligent strategies. This is what these developers lacked and this is exactly what they get with applancer. Applancer allows app developers to register free of cost and create a complete profile. These developers are now on a platform visited by hundreds of idea owners.

Clients now can view the previous work, areas of strength, the number of platforms you develop an app for, etc. Developers can successfully create a clientele for the long run. Your skills are now insured. App developers can find numerous clients seeking development of a variety of ideas for various platforms including cross platforms. App developers can get expert help in business strategies, client selection and advertisements from a devoted team of skilled business strategists. Applancer acknowledges the skills required to create a world class app and therefore every developer registered is a prized asset to them.

A Testament to applancer’s usefulness can be seen on its website. Applancer already has major app developers registered with them. Even though Applancer’s attributes are designed to attract startups and emerging app developer’s, its alliance with several top development companies reiterates its utility as a breakthrough platform for app developers.

Several top brasses of these development companies like Fueled, Konstant Infosolutions, Appus Studio, Octal info Solutions among others have expressed in interviews their delight in being associated with Applancer and high expectations from a platform like Applancer. All of them have acknowledged that it is a massive opportunity to grow a reputation among clients.

Inspite of the initial success, Applancer’s management have a definite plan in mind. Their goal is to get most of India’s developers into this platform. Through this they hope to make app development a rewarding and profitable business. They have opened the doors for freelancers and small time developers as well to join Applancer.

Keeping in mind the huge talent pool of developers in India, Applancer hopes to extend its support and expertise in business strategies to each one of them.

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