A bot search engine seems to be the future, according to Microsoft


Microsoft is, apparently, planning to build a bot search engine in the near future

San Francisco, 22nd Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

According to a new report by VentureBeat, Microsoft is planning to expand its bot directory. Not just that, the company hopes that developers and other chat app platforms will help it achieve its dream.

Over the past few months, bots have started dominating the technology market. From Facebook, to Google, to Apple and any other tech company, bots have started flowing out like water. We’ve seen e-shopping bots, picture editing bots, bots that give you suggestions and even complex ones that fill in for your friends.

Microsoft, however is planning a whole new innovation with these smart softwares. The company hopes to build a very useful bot directory which will enable users to find the perfect bot for their work. This kind of a search engine doesn’t exist, as of now.

“My hope is that we can do something more like search does with web pages, rather than a very closed directory that just Microsoft owns, and we kind of lean that way anyway because we support all these channels,”

General manager of FUSE Labs at Microsoft Research Lili Cheng said.

“[…] We have this vision that bots and conversational experiences work across platforms better. We are very much in the camp of let’s share learnings and technologies, and try to make these things interoperate.”

We’ve seen similar bot discovery softwares on sites like Product Hunt and startups like Botlist, but a central bot directory with almost any type of bot would be an excellent addition to this clustered world. The current Microsoft Bot Directory allows you to find roughly 50 bots of varying skills. But Microsoft hopes to up this number by a lot in the coming months.

Image credit: VentureBeat

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