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Bootstrapped startup is creating BIG value


Bootstrapped startup is creating BIG value is an online based, content driven social commerce platform for Interior and Architecture related ideas and inspirations catering to the residential, commercial, hospitality and landscape space.


The platform enables users to draw inspiration through visual, video and written content, thereby creating an engagement model in an area that is relatively untouched within the Indian market. With their teams of specialists, HelpMeBuild aim to provide their ever-growing community of users with the right set of toolsboth written and visual- to help empower them to actively participate in the process of decision making when creating their dream spaces.

HelpMeBuild is set apart by their constant strive towards spreading knowledge and creating awareness. Through detailed product recommendations, thought provoking articles, inspiring stories and honest reviews, they succesfuly enable their users to make informed decisions with regard to their own space.

Through their Design+Build division, HelpMeBuild go the extra mile and offer their users, as well as their offline clientele, the ability to not only execute the ideas and inspirations available on the platform, but to also take advantage of full-stacked solutions in conceptualizing, designing and executing their very own dream homes, offices, hotels and beyond. Having strategically partnered with industry leaders in the interior design and architectural space, both within India and overseas, HelpMeBuild ensures efficient and effective integrated project solutions across an array of industry verticals, making it one of the first movers in the online space to offer such streamlined services within India.

With their verified and quality controlled managed multivendor marketplace – HelpMeBuild provide their users with more than 30,000 products to choose from in the home and interior space, creating a truly rounded experience for any project – small or large – all under one roof.

With the term ‘social’ being so widely used across the Internet today, HelpMeBuild dove into analyzing what the term would mean for them – resulting in the creation of a platform with social utilities that encompass all the functions that the website has to offer. This led to the creation of a truly engaging experience across all happenings on the site. Users are able to share, like, comment, follow, and even create their own idea based content, along with much more. The social aspect of Helpmebuild therefore, wraps itself around the platform in complete totality, taking user engagement to a whole new level.

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Technology playing a vital role in today’s world has been a defining factor for HelpMeBuild. From a completely homegrown website developed upon a strong framework, to custom built analytics in collaboration with IIT Kanpur- HelpMeBuild have not compromised on the use of technology to enable them as an online based venture, as well as in offering their users an experience designed around their interactions on the platform, ensuring the Helpmebuild experience to be unparalleled.

Helpmebuild has come a long way in the past year. The company has not only evolved their business model to where it stands today, but continue to tweak and refine themselves to most effectively cater to their users and customers. What’s more impressive?

Helpmebuild have pushed their limits and have created their platform along with all its bells and whistles, all whilst being bootstrapped. They do aim to one day seek funding, however have remained very clear that this will not hinder the long-term vision that they work towards. The company remains driven, passionate and focused towards staying true to their name by continuing to ‘build’ upon the interior and architectural revolution they have already set into motion.

About the startup

Helpmebuild was founded in May, 2015, the company initially began as a listing platform and has evolved into the content driven social platform we see today.

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Helpmebuild’s Founder and CEO is Prasoon Shrivastava, a vetted architect, project execution specialist and entrepreneur. He has put together a team of passionate, focused and driven individuals to help drive forward this vision.

Prasoon Shrivastava HelpMeBuild Founder

Helpmebuild is a bootstrapped startup, and has created value through their user database, vast selection of content, thousands of furniture and home décor products and integrated project solutions business. The company may consider funding in the future for growth, however their business model having shown its strength, currently supports their requirements.

Through their multi-vendor marketplace and full-stacked solutions Helpmebuild have created a strong revenue model.

What is HelpMeBuild all about & what problem does it solve ?

Helpmebuild is a technology centric – online based, content driven, social commerce platform with a managed multi-vendor marketplace focusing on Interior design and Architecture related ideas, inspirations, and integrated project solutions.

Upon his return to India, having spent quite a few years overseas, Prasoon Shrivastava found that inefficiencies within project Design and execution in india were on the pinnacle of reaching an all time high. This sprouted the idea Helpmebuild, a one-stop-solution, from the creating of knowledge, to the streamlined execution of a project and beyond. Helpmebuild has since evolved, and continues to do so as per the needs of the market.

What’s Helpmebuild’s USP?

Helpmebuild aim to provide their users with the right set of tools through their content, commerce, community and Integrated project solutions to enable them to be informed and to actively participate in the process of decision making when designing and building their spaces.

In the next 3 years, the company eyes to expand into overseas markets. In addition to this, the company aims to surpass 1 million signed up users, as well as have a sizeable number of articles and products available on their platform.


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