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BMW announces that it is working on a smart motorbike that could eliminate the need of safety equipment

BMW announces that it is working on a smart motorbike that could eliminate the need of safety equipment

BMW announced on Tuesday a new motorcycle concept that could eliminate the requirement of any safety equipment for the rider, including the helmet

Santa Monica, 12th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

BMW’s Vision Next series is seeing a uber-modern reincarnation according to the automaker. The company at an event in California, held in an old airplane hangar, showcased an awesome-looking motorcycle concept today. The bike has been dubbed the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 and is apparently going to change the way two-wheelers work.

According to the company, the new bike has self-balancing systems that allow it to stay upright when it’s standing still and even when it’s in motion. This, essentially, means that both expert riders and novices will be able to do well with this vehicle. Along with this, the bike’s software is so smart that it doesn’t require the rider to put on any safety gear.

The bike also comes in with several smart systems that will not only assist the rider but also make the whole journey enjoyable. These include “Digital Companion“– a system that offers riding advice and adjustment ideas to optimize the experience, “The Visor“– a pair of augmented reality glasses that span the entire field of vision. These glasses are controlled by eye movement and return road and ride conditions to the rider. Additionally, they continuously tweak the ride to suit the rider’s style.

The motorcycle is going to be built on a novel matte black “flexframe.” This will allow the bike to turn without an actual joint in the body. Imagine Batman’s bike, for instance.

This system is also speed dependant, meaning at low speeds, the bike will turn at the slightest of gestures but if you are moving fast, a more powerful nudge will be needed. There will also be no buttons on the bike panel except a red rocker switch on the end of the right handlebar.

These are the only details BMW has issued, for now. The main question, however, is whether or not we will ever see this bike hit the stores. It’s a concept, after all.

Picture credit: Bloomberg


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