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“There is no lock without a key, that’s why there are no challenges without a solution, and provide a solution that no further solution is required ever.”

This is what I’ve always believed in, and still do so at every stage of my life; personal or professional. I have seen hard times right from my teen days and always tried to face challenges fearlessly, without stepping back. With no money in my pocket, walking 8-10kms a day for interviews, I landed in First Source solutions where I had to put up for a US process on the graveyard shift. Attending BBM classes the entire day and working the whole night is never an easy task, and it was no different for me. Hardly getting enough sleep, focusing on my work & studies was my routine at a time when people of my age were busy spending their nights out partying. The only thing that kept me going was my goal, which was to prove to the world that even a middle- class youngster with no IIT/IIM degree can have a success story.

Time passed by and I moved to MNC giant Hinduja Global Solutions, this time in a startup process for a leading automotive company. Soon, people started recognizing me for my skills and innovative ideas, and the ability to achieve milestones that were not quite a walk in the park: laurels followed as Hinduja added me to their “Hall of Fame”, and then I was awarded “Creation of resplendent milestones” by Airtel. I gained in-depth knowledge about the challenges that startups face and problems that businesses are subjected to, when I joined an automotive consulting agency which was part of a leading automotive portal, and would later go on to become an automotive technology partner. Being at a very nascent stage and with not much money to offer, I was all they could manage, and I was the resource who worked for a year and stood accountable for all the work of the company. There were many technology solutions available in the market but they all had a common problem: they cost a bomb.

And it didn’t end here, since understanding these solutions was an uphill struggle. Soon, what remained was to hire and manage different vendors for different requirements, which was another no-no in a business running with monetary constraints. At this point I started realizing that there was a need for an ultimate solution maker who could take care of the entire business requirements, tackle the challenges and allow the management to focus more on business growth and profits. It happened to me on a fine weekend, relaxing in my living room, when I decided to scope the solution and build our first productivity enhancer product. I also came up with a name for it: Bizydale” ( Enjoying the product release, I also grabbed numerous eyes and figured out ways to render services to start up enthusiasts who had bigger dreams, but no resources, like me. “BizydaleNets” started and became the one stop solution centre!


I always believed in being a trendsetter, rather than being a follower and I knew that I would have to overcome a lot of hardships to reach that position in this world. I was already a husband and didn’t quite have a financial background that could help me start up something. The only things I had and still have are self-belief, a supportive wife and a team that will stand by me even if we were bankrupt. I had to manage my family and this startup with a single salary, and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle for a family, while spending on a startup from one salary isn’t really recommended when you are staying in Bangalore. Vrushali Pradhan, my wife and Head of Sales and HR, Biswarup Chakraborty, our Product Head, and myself spent anxious days and sleepless nights to turn this dream into reality. In order to save money for this baby of mine, I gave up on shopping malls, multiplexes and restaurants, even vacations. I even started skipping meals in hope of additional savings. My wife stood by me at every step and when it came to it she even sold her wedding ornaments, just so that she could support me in making my initiative a success!

There were many bumps along the road, like when my company put their shutters down and I went jobless with just Rs 56.50 in my account. All the people around me asked me to give up on this initiative and search for a stable job instead; My parents were helpless after supporting me on my education. But I wasn’t going to give up that easy. I found another job, on a lower profile, but still saved the maximum I could to invest in my startup. I was not alone in this, as even my team, used to leading lavish lifestyles were working for this, free of cost. I was blessed to have them. A leader and company is successful only when he has a team that supports in all circumstances and stands by them no matter what’s the situation. They are the pillars of this startup and without them I can’t really imagine if I could have pulled this off!

 I had a lot of roles to play while building this startup. Ranging from the proverbial father caring for his baby to a mentor, from a leader with a defined vision to a team member with inputs. When you have a child you need to know how to be a father. Starting up a company is exactly like having a baby, and you need to start being like a parent. Bizydale Nets, (registered as BizyDale Networking Services PVTLtd) is a business value focused IT product and Services Company with a mission to become the one stop solution centre for world and business through technology. We have out of box products like “Bizydale” ( which is a productivity enhancer tool for professionals and business, and a travel networking application called “Trip n Howl” ( We are the go-to solution centre for businesses and provide services right from making business plans to business consulting. We aim to become sole business and technology partners for all kinds of business and startups and help them improve their profitability!

For me, Success is what you believe that you can do If you can dream it, you can do it! I still have miles to go and I believe I can reach my destination. It will be all because of the unconditional love, wishes and blessings of my family, friends and team, that I shall cherish this journey as I have, and I will to the end.

Satyajeet Pradhan

Founder and CEO | Bizydale Nets