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Bengaluru based Minute Bistro doesn’t charge you for food, but for time spent in eating


Bengaluru based Minute Bistro doesn’t charge you for food, but for time spent in eating.

A unique Marketing Concept ! Isn’t it ? They say “Eat for free, pay for time”. You gotta be a quick eater man!

Bengaluru | Red Newswire | By ET Bureau | 19 Nov, 2015 03:31 PM IST.

The Minute Bistro
The Minute Bistro:

There is never a dull moment in Bengaluru’s eating-out scene. The latest is a restaurant that does not charge you for the food served but for every minute one spent in it.

At the Minute Bistro, a concept cafe at Kasturi Nagar, a diner pays Rs 5 for every minute spent there. Owned by Nithin Kamath of Zerodha.Com fame and event specialist Enayat Ansari, the week-old restaurant is creating a buzz. Ansari says, “I am not spending any money on advertising and marketing. This is a unique concept and will automatically garner publicity. It gets people talking.”

The publicity gimmick apparently has more subscribers.

Movenpick Hotel and Spa’s Italian restaurant has a pay-as-you-like offer for anything one might order there. General manager Vinesh Gupta says, “The question was how to popularise the restaurant. Food festivals have become passe. We took the risk and employed this approach.”

Apparently, results are encouraging. The restaurant’s covers increased by 30% and 80% of the diners paid “quite accurately”. “The remaining 20% can be discounted,” says Gupta.

Some months ago, Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru too had employed the same concept for its Sunday breakfast but diners paid pennies when the bill arrived. Gupta believes there is a time for every idea to succeed. Some years ago, nobody believed Teppanyaki and Sushi would be a hit in Bengaluru, he points out.

F&B expert Aslam Gafoor ob serves how these out-of-the-box ideas have replaced standup comedies and live music as differentiators. He recalls how similar offers benefitted restaurants in Mumbai. “It’s pure marketing. Zodiac at The Taj Mahal Palace (Mumbai) made a killing when it offered ‘pay as you like’. It was a prestige issue for high-heeled diners to pay accurately. For their first anniversary, China Garden(Mumbai) surprised diners by making the bill on the house. The restaurant may have lost a day’s earnings but won the goodwill, buzz and media publicity,” says Gafoor, who feels more restaurants must think creatively to especially attract price-sensitive youngsters.

At least for the moment, it appears to be a win-win situation for both the diner and the restaurant. The value-for-money proposition promotes camaraderie dining. For a restaurant, it drives volumes and cuts down advertising spend. To which avid foodie and social media consultant Soham Shoney says, “Unique concepts catch my eye. But dining is an experience. Quality of food matters as much as the crowd.Such offers can draw a volatile crowd.”