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Batman Vs. Superman? Or Batman – Wonder Woman – Superman?

Batman Vs. Superman? Or Batman – Wonder Woman – Superman?

Batman Vs. Superman? Or Batman – Wonder Woman – Superman?

Batman Vs. Superman? Or Batman - Wonder Woman – Superman?


Bengaluru, India | Red Newswire | Dec 07, 2015 Last Updated at 01:36 PM IST.

The most awaited trailer of 2015 (well, at least for the Superhero fanatics!) has been released… Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice! Who is going to triumph? Sups or Bat? Well… that was what we were wondering all these days! But this trailer marks the entry of the Super Villain “Doomsday” (I say “Super” Villain because he is believed to have killed Superman in the comics!).

The trailer begins on a mild note with soothing music, marking the entry of Bruce Wayne in his Aston Martin. The essence of the trailer jumps from “calm” to “hot”, as Clark Kent (played by Henry Cavill) and Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) openly discuss their indifferent feelings for Batman and Superman respectively. And that’s when our charming Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) enters (and he is NOT bald in this sequel!). With his usual combination of sarcasm and humor, he lightens the moment.

The trailer continues showcasing the feuds between Superman and Batman, and also the evolution of enmity between them. This particularly pleases Lex, as he is always on the lookout for chances to defeat Superman (and also Batman, lately!). One scene marks the revelation of Lex’s psychotic behavior and his attempt to create something evil (Well, that’s all we can make out of his evil grin and sparkling white lab coat!) and the next scene marks the entry of DOOMSDAY himself (Lo and Behold!)! Right when Batman and Superman come to accept the fact that they are done for (Batman says,”Oh Shit!”), there comes our very own Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot). Startled (and slightly baffled) by the fact that she is not on either side, the trio get together to defend Gotham from Doomsday.

Having revealed the right amount of details and pausing at the right places, the trailer indeed grabs the attention of the fans, making them ask for more. Is spite of the alleged criticism against Ben Affleck for playing the role of Batman, he does a pretty great job (The fact that he looks classy in his suits *both Batman’s and Wayne’s * must be highlighted). Henry Cavill recreates the magic from Man of Steel and Jesse Eisenberg works his charm as usual. Gal Gadot steals the show, though she stars only for fraction of seconds (She sure is the “GAL”!). Hmmm… nothing is in our hands! All we can do is wait for the next trailer, until the movie hits the screens in the month of March next year.

By: Ranganayaki R @Rednewswire

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