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B2B startup DeveloperOnRent lets businesses hire developers on flexible terms

B2B startup DeveloperOnRent lets businesses hire developers on flexible terms

Struggling to build your dream product due to limited tech resources and thinking about the overheads of hiring a developer.  Well, DeveloperOnRent is a great fit for any business that is looking to scale-up online, without worrying about long-drawn development costs and contracts.

Bengaluru, 13th June,2018.


Tackling two major issues most companies face these days – project delays and exorbitant prices, this Bengaluru-based start-up’s unique model allows you to hire skilled and dedicated developers you can trust with your next project. However, their model is not to be confused with a freelancer model.

A freelancer mostly juggles with multiple clients at a time while a dedicated developer works for a company on a full-time basis during the stipulated time-frame of the project.

Keeping in mind the complexities and problems businesses face in developing mobile applications and websites in-house, Kapil Mehta, a computer science engineer and MBA with 15 years of IT experience came up with the idea of DeveloperOnRent. He started the journey of its own and bounced this idea to Jitesh who joined the team and today is the head of Technology at DeveloperOnRent.

The company’s unique three-step model of Click, Rent and Work makes them connoisseurs in the craft. They are also backed by a team of 100+ developers who seamlessly integrate the best practices to deliver a flawless end product that works.

Kapil says that First product you should build is a TEAM” !

Once you hire a dedicated developer from DeveloperOnRent, you will never have to worry about hiring, fringe-benefits, office space, promotion, firing, HR-related problems and physical infrastructure, because you get what you want as per your terms and conditions.

Whether you want to make your debut online, expand your website, upgrade your product or seek regular maintenance for your enterprise applications, they have it sorted for you.

And, what more, their developers have access to state-of-art technology, knowledge and architecture that they leverage to complete the most complex projects within a short span of time.

From the day a company hires a developer from DeveloperOnRent, the ball is set rolling. When they say ‘dedicated developers’, they mean business. Your developer will be a member of your core team who will work on only your project/product, both on-site and off-site. The client has complete freedom to choose a suitable developer who will be able to cater to the needs of the respective project.

DeveloperOnRent’s no-strings attached model focuses on providing world-class quality for the client’s success. As a customer, the benefits are plenty such as pay-per use, flexibility in contracts (rent a developer for 5 days to 500 days), full-time developers at a low cost model, adherence to project timeline and the assurance of your project being handled by an experienced, pre-vetted developer.

The benefits are not just limited to the hiring company, but to developers as well. Working with multiple business models and domains gives developers the opportunity to add value to their profile.

If you are a start-up, mid-sized company, large corporation or global enterprise, all you need is DeveloperOnRent to take your online game up a notch. To them, integrity and transparency is their bread and butter. The developers are hired by the company on the grounds of a non-disclosure agreement to maintain the confidentiality of the scope of work.

Having been in the business since 2014, DeveloperOnRent has touched the zenith of success and is still not done yet. They have spread their wings in 11 countries and have been fortunate to serve over 175+ clients across a gamut of segments such as marketing, retail, logistics, Analytics, Fin-tech, e-commerce, healthcare, automobiles, mythology, education etc.

Ever since their inception, they have witnessed 100% growth year-on-year. Their future plans include adding more such innovative solutions (Mall of Techies, SME / Subject Matter Expert Central, Developers Café and few others) to meet the versatile requirements of their clients.

With expanding technological advances, the demand for dedicated developers is all set to soar, and looks like DeveloperOnRent will definitely be catalyst in helping businesses hire the right talent.

For more information, visit or send an email to Calling : +91-7411121199

DeveloperOnRent’s Tech Stack is published on its website but not limited to, hence customers can connect with them and are ensured to meet their requirements.

About the startup

DeveloperOnRent is a Bengaluru based Tech Platform start-up that lets businesses hire dedicated developers on RENT for their technology needs related to products, solutions and highly complex web and mobile applications. Founded by Kapil Mehta in Jan 2014, with Jitesh Jain joined in June, 2014. DeveloperOnRent is a fully bootstrapped start-up.

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Contact Person: Kapil Mehta (Founder)

Phone : +91-7411121199

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