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Azure Credits Worth $120,000 to be Provided by Microsoft to Support Startups


Azure Credits Worth $120,000 to be Provided by Microsoft to Support Startups

Bengaluru, INDIA | Red Newswire | Thu, Nov 06 2015. 09:22 PM IST.

Today came off as a good news for the startups working on building solutions for ‘smart cities’ as the tech giant Microsoft has announced that it will provide $120,000 worth of Azure credits to support startups. This support initiative was announced by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the company’s ‘Future Unleashed’ event held in Mumbai.

Azure as we know is the company’s cloud platform. Microsoft released a statement saying, “Working with the startup accelerators, these startups can now apply for individual access to up to $120,000 worth of Azure computing to help India’s smart cities explore options and run smart city digital pilots. Cities can also apply for access to these services and solutions through a new portal which connects startups with cities and their needs.”

An umbrella framework has also been created by Microsoft that will help the startups in marketing ther products as a part of PM Modi’s Smart Cities Project. Ravi Narayan, Director of Microsoft Ventures says, “We will work together with startups, each will provide the building blocks of the solution and we will provide the cloud framework. It helps in the process that governments see us as providing the glue. So we help startups access a large market where we have relationships.”

Microsoft is already working on one such similar project for Telangana. Last month ‘Smart City Startups Conclave’ was held which saw participation from a number of government officials, Microsoft experts and startups for discussing about potential smart cities solutions. The event was organized under company’s “City-Next” programme.

Narayan said, “If you look at it, they are two ends of the spectrum. But working together there is scope to provide solutions, especially in new government initiatives like Smart Cities and Digital India.” He further added that this joint effort will help bridging the gap between startups and governments.

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