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Apple Stores will no longer chain iPhones to surfaces using those bulky security tethers


Apple is revamping the way its Stores display the iPhone. The company is removing tethers that chain its flagships phones to surfaces 

London, 15th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

Apple announced today that it is removing the bulky tethers that chain its devices to surfaces at its flagship store in London. The same step is being taken in two other UK stores and an outlet in Canada. While the move may seem a bit off, Apple has a fair enough reason to do this.

The Cupertino giant believes that these pesky tethers get in the way too much for customers to actually feel the device properly. Holding the iPhone, pocketing it, using custom cover and panels are things which are impossible when a huge security handcuff is on the phone.

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So, in a bid to allow customers to have a great feel of the smartphone, Apple is ridding the world of these tethers.

The report was first published by CNET, as Apple explains below:

Apple says this is to allow people to hold them properly, try cases on them and even see how they feel in your pocket. It’s a bold move, especially given the lack of visible security in the building. We couldn’t spot a single CCTV camera, although any phone taken out of the store will set off an alarm. If not returned, the phones will also be rendered unusable.

While you may be worried that someone might just walk in and swipe an iPhone as its main anchor is gone, Apple doesn’t seem too worried about it. Apparently, any phone taken out of the store would set off alarms, and if that doesn’t work, they can be remotely bricked.

It may make sense to some that turning on the Airplane mode on one of these smartphones could disable any wireless connection and make it almost impossible to trace or control remotely. But Apple may have gotten precautions in place for even this.

Soon, we are going to get an official Apple Store in India, too. It will be interesting to see if the same approach is carried forward here.

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