Apple starts rolling out iOS 10.1.1 update that fixes the Health app


Apple has today started rolling out a new update for iOS that fixes a Health app bug that was brought in by the previous update.

World, 1st Nov., Red Newswire/-

Apple users will know that the previous update to iOS 10, the iOS 10.1 brought in many new features to the operating system. Not just this, several bugs were fixed and performance enhancements introduced as part of the update. But as the case is with software, there were a few things that were either left out or brought in that made using an i-Device a bit of a chore.

One of these cons of the iOS 10.1 update was a bug related to the Health app. Users of the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch might have observed that after they upgraded to the latest version of iOS, there seemed to be something fishy about the Health app. The Health data that is normaly recorded and is available to users to view and even offers suggestions regarding health related issues was being deleted every time you closed the app or restarted the app/phone.

This might not be a big issue for general users, but if you are a a fitness maven or need those stats for medical reasons, the data is of great importance. Luckily for you, Apple has worked fast and started rolling out an over the air update for iOS 10 that fixes this issue.

The new update has been numbered iOS 10.1.1 and it is the first minor update to hit iOS 10.1. Apparently, the update is well under 100 MB in size for most users and the only thing that comes with it is the fitness data fix.

This still doesn’t mean that all the issues of iOS 10.1 have been fixed. Apple might release several more updates over the course of the next few weeks to fix them all.

Image credit: Flikr