Apple is finally dropping the iOS 10.1 update

Apple is finally dropping the iOS 10.1 update

Apple has started rolling out the iOS 10.1 update for iPhone and iPad users globally.

25th Oct., 2016, Red Newswire/-

The first major update to iOS 10 is here in the form of version 10.1. The new update brings in various stability and bug fixes along with several new features and performance enhancements. But for those wondering, the biggest and most marvelling feature that Apple mobile users will be getting with this new update is the insane Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus.

The amazing camera hardware on the iPhone 7 Plus opens doors for various new picture modes. The dual-lens system and the awesome arrangements offer a great deal of depth and distortion so that you can focus on the subject better and blur the background. The whole new portrait mode uses this technology to the fullest.

According to Apple, the two-lens system on the iPhone 7 Plus allows its camera to detect depth up to 9 levels, which is a great feat for a mobile phone. This offers a significant layering to the picture, blurring the background a good deal. But the story doesn’t end here. Apple’s camera app is smart, too. Based on the input image, a small amount of software distortion is also provided in order to enhance the look of the picture.

Unfortunately, this effect is a built-in feature with no customization/edit option. This means it’s like flipping a coin– you could end up with an amazing portrait, or some crazy distorted image that deserves to be deleted.

Fortunately, the feature can be disabled once an image is taken if the desired effect isn’t achieved. Doing so will remove any and all software blur Apple’s camera app has added.

The iOS 10.1 update is up for grabs for everyone now. You can get it either by hitting the ‘Update’ option in the Settings app, connecting you i-Device to iTunes for a wired update or even over-the-air.

Image credit: Google