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Applancer’s driving pillars helped them to gather eyeballs from IT hubs across globe !

Applancer’s driving pillars helped them to gather eyeballs from IT hubs across globe !

For majority of the app developers in the world app development is not financially rewarding. This is a statement not based on speculation but based on intricate market review and developer survey. What most developers miss out on is a wide client base and a platform for promoting their work. This is extremely important in order to create a consistent revenue structure.

Most of them are not able to sustain their business owing to a lack of knowledge in business strategies. While it is important to possess minimum knowledge of business, important marketing strategies can be outsourced to companies who are willing to do just that for you. In scenarios like this forging a relationship of trust and transparency is what makes it work.

The same can be said about clients looking to outsource the development process of an idea. Lack of knowledge in this realm and lack of options of developers compel them to give away this responsibility to shrewd developers for exorbitant costs. Here again arises the need of a common platform wherein clients can assess developers, compare the project cost of each developer and collaborate accordingly.

Owing to this irksome conundrum, Sahil Kohli (CEO) came up with Applancer, a common platform for developers and clients to forge a trustworthy relationship while making sure that the idea is developed to its full potential.

Applancer is, for this specific reason a boon for the app development business. App developers now have the opportunity to procure a consistent and reliable clientele. This opens up a different avenue (other than their skills) for them. It allows them to formulate a reliable business world in which they are trusted and in which they can trust. They can successfully start generating significant revenue and sustain their business over a very long period. Furthermore Applancer has a definite structure to promote and advertise their company and their previous and current work. This solves two major problems for the developers.

  • Clients stand to gain significantly from this platform too.
  • They get to choose app developers and get to compare the cost of project with each app developer.

Creating Niche:

Inspite of similar platforms in the market, Applancer has been able to create a niche for itself in this short span of time. This success is largely due to certain principles that the company follows and certain attributes that the platform possesses.

Applancer prides itself in giving paramount importance to its users, the developers and the project owners. Each and every intricate detail in the website is created to make the whole process a much better experience. The platform is designed as an open platform.

  • Any developer can register free of cost and create a profile.
  • Their visibility is largely based only on creating a complete profile.
  • Of course there are paid subscriptions for app developers but that is only because a paid subscriber is treated as an asset to the company.
  • They get major benefits including extensive advertising.

Applancer’s driving force is four major principles.

1.Secrecy: Applancer promises secrecy of the source code to its project owners. When an app is developed the source code will be handed over to the project owners. The developers are also made to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, ensuring the secrecy of the idea and the code.

2.Transparency: Applancer has a feature which allows app developers and project owners to mutually decide on milestones throughout the development process. The project owners can review the work at every milestone and release payment through our Escrow system if and when they are content with the work.

3.Dynamism: Every company or individual can have a customized system of operation with Applancer. Applancer are not rigid with their collaboration process and everybody is treated uniquely.

4.Human Touch: Applancer has a dedicated team of developer’s managers to deal with every issue or discrepency that may arise during the process. Applancer doesn’t leave you to it once your profile has been created and you get your clients. Applancer provides a human touch in its IT dominated platform as and when necessary.

These attributes and principles have attracted a large number of app developers already. Applancer has over 100 developers on its platform and more are registering each day. There are many developers who have given interviews on their association with Applancer and have expressed their joy with the association.

An Exclusive interview by Marketing Manager,  

“This is the start of our journey with Applancer and we foresee it as a valuable business development tool and a great window for our company to connect us with potential clients and partners. With Applancer, we hope to accelerate collaborations and partnerships with total transparency and consistency in the near future.”–Vipin Jain, CEO/Co Founder, Konstant Infosolutions.


“Applancer is an excellent way to showcase our previous projects and help gain new business. Although we’re new to the site, we’re excited to see what new projects are in store.”– Rameet Chawla, CEO/Founder, Fueled.


“In the cooperation with Applancer, I see a great potential, as it is a convenient and useful platform for finding potential customers and expanding business contacts.”– Dmitry Mikheev, CEO, Appus Studio.


“Sites like Applancer offers customers the chance to find suitable suppliers on more than just their websites merits. They provide simply to use services to allow direct comparison of suppliers to allow a more informed decision to be made for the right partner.”– Anthony Main, Managing Director, The Distance.


“Recently, during our research, we have come to know about Applancer as a potential Lead Generation Tool. While analyzing the process you use to select the right fit for the customers based on the skills of the specific service provider which draws our attention towards the platform and we really appreciate the thoughtfulness of the whole engineering team to develop an idea like this. Mention your experiences or the potential you see on our site.We would like to take the opportunity to introduce a leading Web & Mobile Application Development company to team Applancer.”– Naveen Khanna, CEO, Octal Info Solution.


“Mobile and Web market is widened for sure with such platform. There many new technologies like AR, VR, IoT, and Voice are adding more possibilities that business can server their customer and be ahead of their competition.”– Ronak Patel – CEO, Sunflower Lab


“I see Applancer is a great partner to inform the companies around the world about our main expertise and our extensive portfolio to establish work connections and talk business. It may become a great place for lead generation and collaborative activities to show the details of mobile and web development and digital trends of the future. ” — Alexander Semenov – CEO, Heads and Hands.


“With Applancer, we see an array of important business development tool and a great platform for our company to connect us with potential clients and partners. By using Applancer, we hope to indulge into more friendly partnerships and collaborations in the future. “– Amit Gupta – CEO, SAG IPL.


“Through applancer we can come in contact with any companies and clients and raise our business. We can make as many official contacts. “– Nitin Garg – CEO, BR Softech Pvt Ltd.



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