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Applancer accuses immediate rival Appfutura of sabotaging business

Applancer accuses immediate rival Appfutura of sabotaging business

Chandigarh based app developers market place – Applancer, has accused its arch rival Appfutura, of sabotaging its business

Applancer who has emerged as an upcoming platform for app developers across globe, in no time they have swept the market of app developers as their main focus is to get desired projects for app developers as per their expertise. Being in news for all positive reasons, is emerging as favorite in IT industry. Their immediate competitor Appfutura, can’t digest the way Applancer is working and wooing their clients, they took the other way around to retain them but Applancer got hold of it.


Applancer is the marketplace to find top app development companies online. It is reputedly known for providing collaborative relations and enriching experience between executives and mobile application developers all over the globe. It is a project and incubation hub. At, they let the developers & teams be introduced to each other. They guide them for your app projects personally. Helping you select the right team from the city or from around the world is their way of approach. This platform keeps you secure.

AppFutura is a marketplace where mobile app developers interact with people or companies who are looking for developing an app project. The first step is registering and creating a profile by Mobile app developers. Then, they can browse projects, update themselves with different project ideas and get recommendations from clients. This gives them an opportunity to build up their reputation as developers, all for free.


Until now, Appfutura has remained true to its heritage as a marketplace. But recently Applancer levelled charges against Appfutura. Appfutura is trying to replicate newly launched feature of Leaders and Apps of Applancer. Applancer’s latest feature gives a podium where we can research well about the Leader before hiring them for -the project at hand. They are thoroughly interviewed as well. The reference links are given below:

The concept of posting app development project, meeting great app development companies, hiring the best one, depositing payments on the system and last but not the least- releasing them only when the job is delivered, was initially formulated by Applancer. But struggling to maintain its identity in this tough, nail-biting competition, Appfutura has acquired all these facts from Applancer.


Applancer is better and rather a recommended option when compared to Appfutura in terms of marketplace. The main reasons for uniqueness are:

1) The developers registered on their platform work on everything from small changes in an existing project to complete development of brand new ideas. All you have to do is post the project you need work on with the specific requirements and we provide you with a wide selection of developers to choose from. You can research and browse their profiles and find the best fit for your project. They will be there with you throughout the development process and make sure your collaboration is a smooth and cordial one.

2) A Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed by the developer to ensure the secrecy and security of your project.

3) Dividing the project into milestones allows you to keep control over the development process. Keep tabs on the developers through their messaging system with constant interaction regarding the status of the work. Get feedbacks frequently regarding the estimated time of completion as well.

Well looking into this matter, we can get an idea how much Appfutura is scared of the success of Applancer. Only the time will tell, whether Appfutura will be able to retain their market place or not.

Source: Applancer.

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