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AI Marketing startup Persado raises $30 mn funding led by Goldman Sachs

AI Marketing startup Persado raises $30 mn funding led by Goldman Sachs

Persado has raised $30 million of outside funding, led by Goldman Sachs. American Express, Citi, Bain Capital and StarVest ventures were other investors involved.

Persado is a marketing tool that uses an AI based platform to enhance messages or check them for insensitivity or inappropriateness. Machine learning, natural language processing and emotional language data come together in this software. It uses a large database of word combinations, emotional perspectives and slight variations in phrasing to gauge the effectiveness of promotional messages. These are churned in real time to get their target audience to respond to a link, a social network post, or a text message. It can also be used to make improvements in web pages and emails. It started as a tool to enhance existing messages, but it can now craft the entirety of the message given the right parameters.

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Persado calls this a “cognitive content platform”, a tool for organisations and individuals to use known triggers specifically tailored to elicit the most action. It may seem heartbreaking for the traditional process of human choice of words and phrases in advertising or the art of copyrighting to be referred “random”, but companies all around the world use Persado. Their long list of clients include eBay, Expedia, Verizon, Zipcar, Esurance, Sears and Intel. Its funders, Citi and American Express are also numbered among its clients.

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